To ensure that a successful digital strategy is developed from the start of the year, carrying out an audit is an essential step. This will allow you to Morocco Phone Number List assess all of your systems and practices through your various acquisition channels in order to identify the strengths on which to build and the avenues to explore to develop your strategy and maximize your performance on this news. year… full of promises! From the engagement rate on social networks to the loading speed of your website and your ads on search engines, discover 18 points to audit to improve your digital strategy in 2021. Take stock of SEO An essential lever for lasting and profitable visibility,

The user experience (UX) is becoming increasingly important, both to users that search engines, and therefore must meet the requirements of these. It is therefore a question of carrying out a diagnosis of Core Web Vitals , these new performance indicators which will be taken into consideration in Google’s ranking algorithms from May 2021. The Core Web Vitals include the LCP (Largest Contentful Paint), which measures the loading speed of web pages, the FID (First Input Delay), which evaluates the interactivity of the pages, and the CLS (Cumulative Layout Shift), which aims to check visual stabilityof a page. In addition, the image optimization as well as the mobile optimization of your website must be analyzed, the internal mesh and the overall tree structure must be checked, as well as the possible presence of 404 errors .

Analyze Your Sea Campaigns

First of all, it is a question of auditing the various tags , title, meta-description, alt or even Hn tags to check that they are correctly entered, as well as the structure of the URLs which must also be optimized. In addition, the sitemap.xml and robots.txt files will need to be checked and updated. Is SEO content driving the expected traffic? Do the incoming queries on your website match the keywords it is positioned on? In addition, what are the keywords on which your competitors are positioned and that you have not dealt with? Call on a specialized agency to benefit from a complete SEO audit . Analyze your SEA campaigns adwords digital strategy audit First, define your campaign objectives for the coming year: maximize conversions, maximize advertising ROI, control acquisition costs, maximize ad visibility, etc.


They are the ones who will determine the areas for improvement in your SEA strategy. Next, ask yourself if your targets are still the same, and what could have changed in their buying behavior. Indeed, uses are constantly evolving and your typical buyer may not be exactly the same as a few months ago. After answering this question, are the targeting criteria such as socio-demographic, geographic, temporality, age, behavior on the web or life events of your campaigns still relevant? or do they deserve to be readjusted? Is the budget ideally distributed? Namely, are the ads that generate the highest conversion rates sufficiently budgeted to achieve the best possible impression rate, and conversely, is spending wasted on underperforming ads ? Check that the organization of your ad groups is optimal.

Take Stock Of Seo

These should allow you to easily compare the performance of your campaigns against each other by observing what type of ad, what type of targeting and what type of auction works best. Regarding the writing of your ads, do they include the keywords on which they are positioned? Does their title have an appropriate call to action and are their quality metrics (relevance of the landing page, relevance of the ad to target keywords and expected click-through rate) lower, higher or in the average ? Also, look for expensive keywords with an unsatisfactory ROI, keywords with a low quality score , or which would not or no longer be in line with your conversion objectives.

Finally, take a look at the new SEA products that you may not yet have adopted and that could help you reach a new audience and boost your performance. To have your search engine campaigns audited , request a SEA audit . Audit your social networks social media digital strategy audit Take stock of your goals for the coming year based on each social network on which your brand is present. What are your specific expectations and your reasons for being on these platforms? Would you like to get conversions, communicate about your product offer, your brand image? Do the characteristics of the social networks on which you operate correspond to these objectives? Thereafter, monitor the trend of key performance indicators on your different pages: the number of subscribers , the engagement rate , the number of interactions , the reach and the impression rate of your publications,


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