Google will allow companies to reward their customers, choose a short profile name and increase the visibility of their logo. Internet users can “follow” your business on Google, thanks to the dedicated button (visible only on mobile). This allows them to be alerted in the event of a new Google Russia WhatsApp Number List in particular. Now you can reward your most loyal customers with special offers. Another novelty: a simple and dedicated web address for each establishment. Hurry and reserve your “short profile name” in your Google My Business listing settings. Google says this name can be changed 3 times a year and “helps your customers easily find, find and share your business . ” They can access your page via the They can more easily add a cover photo.

Google specifies that it will display the logo of companies that have correctly completed their main information (phone number, hours, etc.) at the top right of their profile. Company photos will also be better highlighted on establishment sheets. Finally, Google is launching a site (Marketing Kit) to generate stickers and other physical elements, in order to encourage customers who come to the store to post reviews on Google or follow the establishment; but this service is not available in France. Maternity leave lasts 20 weeks (16 in France) and adoption leave 16 weeks (10 in France). These facilities are obviously open to all families. Beyond these moments when personal life must be privileged, we facilitate the steps of young parents. We offer crèche places everywhere in France because it is the most popular type of childcare.

Reward Consumers Who Follow Your Business On Google

Our employees can also attend conferences on parenting and follow coaching sessions to facilitate their return to professional life, after maternity, parental or adoption leave. Taking parenting into account is part of our inclusion policy in the broad sense. We make it a point of honor to welcome all people while respecting their differences. It is a duty for the company. I would like to point out that we do not promote diversity in the company to communicate or because it is “politically correct”: we do it because it is part of our values ​​and it is a factor of innovation and development. efficiency! All departments and managers are made aware of the opportunity represented by the hiring of varied profiles and the constitution of heterogeneous teams. Let us remember, moreover, that AXA generates more than 5,400 jobs in France.


So if you know someone who is looking for a new challenge in a company that will consider it, do not hesitate to refer them to the AXA recruitment site ! You are in its short-list, customer reviews will decide the winner. The main stake is therefore to make a sale, to trigger the act of buying, and not to fail so close to the goal. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on where we are), we do not control the content of the opinion, which is free expression, the perception of an individual. On the other hand, we control the response, this is where the challenges and opportunities lie. The response is to set the record straight, to control the information that is being broadcast about you. The audience trusts you more (representative of the company) than toto49 (the nickname of the person who wrote the review).

A Short Profile Name To Help Your Customers Find Your Business

The answer also allows you to do light marketing, talk about your product, current developments / improvements, your customer service. The answer allows you to differentiate yourself from your competitors, to show that you care about the satisfaction of your customers, that there is an interlocutor and an after-sales service. It also helps to create interest, desire, to make people dream. It is a real platform which will be read by the audience and which will influence their passage to the act of purchase, you cannot imagine the power of the response! What strategy to put in place to optimize its strategy on the management of these opinions? What are the best practices in this area? The first step would be to identify all the contact points on which Internet users leave opinions (GMB, Yelp, Here, Apple Map Connect, PagesJaunes, Facebook, etc.).

It is then necessary to recover access to these sheets to optimize them (descriptions, contact details and visuals) and especially to receive alerts in the event of interactions (when a notice is submitted). Pair that with a Google Alert and a TalkWalker Alert, and you’ll have a good view of your online reviews. The next step is moderation. While Internet users can express themselves freely, they cannot just say anything. Contentious opinions (insulting, defaming, not respecting the terms and conditions of the site, etc.) should be moderated. Then, it is obviously necessary to respond to the opinions, for the reasons mentioned above. The last step is the dissemination of these notices. Depending on how and by whom they were collected, there may be an interest in disseminating them on its site or its networks.

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