An opportunity to be exploited for e-merchants You can immediately imagine the many opportunities that this can create for online commerce, but to be sure that your articles appear in these similar articles, you must first optimize them for research, by providing a certain number of data . Information such as the name , price , currency , and especially the image of the product must be clearly provided. And on the contrary, if ever you do not want your articles to appear in this category, you can just as easily deactivate it . Such a development can allow e-merchants to appear in numerous publications of images presenting their products, without having to finance campaigns. However, it is still possible to be well referenced and to appear directly on a request for products by sponsoring it, in particular thanks to Google Shopping and Google AdWords . Do not hesitate to contact us, we are SEO experts!

Instagram and preferred to turn to the giants of social networks, namely Facebook and Twitter. The rise of the Web, social networks and mobile has transformed the approach to tourist travel, to such an extent that today, we speak of e-tourism. To adapt to new passenger practices, it is inevitable to make a digital transition and deploy relevant digital strategies. Social Panama Phone Number List can be particularly interesting tools in the tourism sector. We are going to see how a tourism actor can use social networks and other marketing tools to attract visitors to their tourist destination. To try to understand the challenges and opportunities of E-tourism, we conducted an interview with Samir Communication and E-Marketing Officer for the Rouen Tourist Office . Presentation of Samir Samir has been in charge of communication and web marketing for the Rouen Tourist Office since 2009.

Similar Articles, How Do They Work?

Google now offers a ” Similar Items ” category , which appears below your image search. This feature, available for the moment only on mobile, allows Internet users to directly consult and buy products found in an image resulting from their Google search. Practical if we fell in love with Robert Pattinson’s shoes, but above all, very practical for making e-merchants gain visibility ! Similar articles, how do they work? Thanks to a visual recognition system, the algorithm identifies the products in a photo, to offer them to the Internet user, in the form of a carousel of images. Thus, he can find under his research the different products that constitute it, as well as their price and a link to the site where to buy them . It will thus be possible to get the fashion accessories of your favorite stars, quite simply by clicking on the corresponding links below the image!


Until a few years ago, companies were reluctant to launch a marketing operation on Since his arrival, he has developed and deployed the digital strategy of the Tourist Office with the objective of being on the Web, awareness and conversion to attract visitors to Rouen. Google does not consider these similar articles as advertising, but rather as a response to a certain expectation of Internet users concerning the arrangement of the Images section for this purpose. Similar Items fortunately don’t just work for designer bags, and you can find items from any site you search. The feature is currently in development, and is currently only available for fashion accessories – like shoes, glasses or handbags. It should extend to other more varied elements in the coming months, and will soon extend to decoration and interior design, the field of many inspirational searches on Google!

An Opportunity To Be Exploited For E-merchants

However, these places of purchase are followed by those of the producers and then the Internet. Thus, 29% of consumers most often buy their wine directly from producers and 13% most often prefer the Internet. So see how the direct sale of your wines on the Internet would be an additional growth driver, and also complementary to your on-site sales, or even to a distribution in supermarkets and at the cellar if you use this distribution channel. Buying wine online is starting to become more democratic. 34% of French people have already bought wine online, and even 47% among 26-35 year . And guess which sites are mostly preferred for this purchase? Those of wine producers. Faced with increased competition with major e-commerce players (private sales, wine merchants, mass distribution, boxes), wine producers are ultimately more legitimate. 50% of consumers shop on their websites. Convinced?

20% of wine consumers subscribe to wine and spirits pages on social networks. 25% of them post content related to their tastings. 25% bought a particular wine that had been recommended on social media. Being present on social networks can only bring you advantages in terms of visibility, notoriety, engagement and indirectly in sales. But the Internet can also bring you direct sales. Sell ​​your wine without intermediaries Supermarkets and wine merchants remain the favorite places of sale for wine consumers. E-commerce offers a lever for conversion that is conducive to your development, if not a means of making yourself known, of informing, of attracting and of federating a community of amateurs around your know-how. And if you don’t know how to go about taking advantage of the web and social media, trust our SEO , SEA and Social Ads experts .

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