A good SEO is above all someone who does not promise you the first position on the search engines. Likewise, it should be taken into account that an SEO strategy is envisaged over the long term. You should not expect to obtain convincing results in the first week. According to Google, an SEO expert need 4 to 12 months of time to deploy a strategy and see the first results. As you will have understood, entrusting your natural referencing strategy requires taking the time to find the ideal SEO expert: The one who will carry out a complete technical and editorial audit The one who will develop a relevant SEO strategy to deploy and the means to implement The one who will inform you of the actions implemented and the resulting results. Steps that our SEO experts scrupulously respect for each of our clients. And why not you ?

You can also ask the clients mentioned to obtain their opinions and feedback. Ask him to do a little SEO audit of your own website to check his skills Asking them to perform a technical audit of your site is a good way to find out if the candidate has the required skills. In his technical analysis, he will have to study internal links, crawl, URLs, HTTP response codes. Its audit should then detail the recommended recommendations, an estimate of the time and Latvia Phone Number List allocated as well as the expected impacts. Then compare the audits performed by different candidates to determine which candidate stands out. If your business is small, a simple priority list of areas for improvement to optimize SEO should suffice. SEO audit consultant Questions to ask during the interview Google recommends here the questions you can ask an SEO.

How To Identify A Good Seo Seo?

If he says yes, so much the better. You will be able to verify his statements anyway when he explains his SEO practices to you. If he talks to you about keyword stuffing, white text on a white background (hidden text), doorway pages or even cloaking, go your way. Black hat techniques will only harm your site and penalize you with Google. SEO SEO black hat gray hat white hat Check his references Ask him for examples of SEO projects he has been able to complete. A good SEO expert should be able to give you concrete examples of achievements and customer references that he took care of during his previous experiences. This involves knowing more about the candidate’s experience, the techniques and tools used as well as the KPIs they intend to follow to measure the performance of the strategy.


So how do you find the rare pearl? Here are some tips recommended by Google. How to identify a good SEO SEO? Whatever your activity, you may be faced with the search for a good SEO SEO, whether it is in-house or as a subcontractor. We, for example, are also looking for an SEO Hero to complement our team of SEO / SEA experts. So find out how to make the right choice when you go to recruit your SEO expert. Is he white hat or black hat ? There are several SEO SEO profiles. It is important to determine which is the person in front of you. First, ask him if he follows the guidelines established by Google in terms of natural referencing. The SEO must be able to provide you with regular monitoring with concrete figures on the evolution of your website.

Ask Him To Do A Little Seo Audit Of Your Own Website To Check His Skills

I explain to you. Some tools allow for example to split an image into several photos. Once published, it gives a very original rendering in the gallery of your Instagram account. Instagram: the most creative techniques and formats to create interaction Recently, Canal + created an Instagram account dedicated to the launch of the Guyana series. This account (which is worth the detour) takes you on a real treasure hunt in search of a gold nugget from the jungle to the center of the Earth by scrolling your screen. Instagram: the most creative techniques and formats to create never ceases to seduce. Subscribers are there and so are the brands. It is time to consider a strategy on this social network, especially since advertising on Instagram also offers very interesting opportunities. Bought by Facebook in 2012, Instagram thus offers the same targeting potential as Facebook Ads. A significant asset!

This graphic animation technique offers so many possibilities for your content that you can then post on your Instagram account. Once again Starbucks is on all fronts. Here is an example of a video posted for last Christmas. Slow motion videos No, there is no Slow Motion feature that there may be on iPhone. But that doesn’t stop you from uploading your videos to Instagram. See for example that of Mc Donald’s: Give free rein to your imagination Brands, advertisers or the followers themselves have no shortage of imagination to take advantage of Instagram. Why not you ? Here, for example, is a very creative publication offered by the ​​bookstore in Bordeaux. They brilliantly hijacked some of the book covers to give a larger-than-life result. To stand out, you can also use not just one photo on Instagram, but several to take advantage of your post gallery.



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