It’s a great start, but it’s just the beginning of your social media strategy. Now, we will have to create a community, this is the whole point of social networks. Then, like any relationship, it will have to be nurtured. You should therefore publish regularly, without going overboard, content that will interest your community. But how do you go about it, you will tell me. If in fact, my advice may seem obvious to you, it is still necessary to apply it and above all to stick to it over the long term. The success of a good strategy on social networks lies in the application of all or part of these tips, although the list is not exhaustive. Of course, depending on your activity and your objectives, these best practices may vary, but they will serve as a basis for your successful presence on social networks.

That’s it, you took the plunge. You have created a Facebook Page, a Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram account for your business! Where does your social media strategy begin? Mistake n ° 1: being present on all fronts Guide to best practices for a successful social media strategy You cannot be in the oven and in the mill at the same time. It is not a good strategy to Azerbaijan Mobile Phone Numbers an account on each social network. Some will necessarily be on stand-by after a while, which does not reflect a positive image. It is therefore better to focus on 2 or 3 social networks on which you will be able to fully devote yourself. But for that, you will have to determine which social networks will best meet your activity, your goals. Also think about your audience. What social networks are your customers and prospects on?

Where does your social media strategy begin?

The time you will devote to it will allow you to discover and get to grips with the tool, the different functions, the advertising agencies, etc. Once you have familiarized yourself with it, it’s time to practice. Have confidence Guide to best practices for a successful social media strategy Social networks offer many features for professionals. Use them! Fill in all the fields to the maximum. Fill in your practical information (address, opening hours, ..), publish photos of your store, The longer an account lives, the more confidence it inspires. The first thing a user will see is your profile interface. In addition to giving you credibility, it serves as an information medium, which is all the more important when you also have a physical point of sale. The profile must therefore be as complete as possible. Think of your profile as your virtual storefront. Take care of it!


A good strategy on social networks also requires the realization of a competitive intelligence. This is a significant step that will be decisive in your strategy. By going to look at what is happening with the competition, you will observe their strategy, you will see which publications work or not, but also observe their audience. This competitive intelligence will be very useful for the future. The new step? Create and unite a community around your brand The very principle of a social network is to bring people together around common points or interests. Take the step of creating and optimizing your profile on social networks, you have to create a community. No, Grandma Jacqueline and Uncle Bernard, that’s not enough and it’s not of much interest. The idea is to bond with your customers and prospects. The challenge then is to identify them.

The new step? Create and unite a community around your brand

Time is money Guide to best practices for a successful social media strategy One of the keys to the success of your social media strategy is to invest fully. We have nothing for nothing, it is well known. It might seem tedious at first, but believe me, it is crucial for the future. Watch to better reign Guide to best practices for a successful social media strategy. What target do you want to hit? Guide to best practices for a successful social media strategy To identify your community, you must first identify your target. The analysis of your offer, the collection of data on your customers and online visitors will be essential resources to identify your community. The targeting options of social networks will make it possible to find your customers and prospects on each platform, and even to find people with similar profiles.

Also target people who share interests related to your activity, who are in the same industry as you, who meet specific socio-geographic or geographic criteria, etc. Competitive intelligence is also very important here. Study the community of your competitors to create your own. There are several tools to extract this data. (Twitter), Social Bakers, Make me stats are some examples of tools you can use to find your competitors and analyze their audience. Analyze the behavior of your community Guide to best practices for a successful social media strategy When your community starts to take shape, take the time to analyze how your followers behave on social networks: the days and times they are connected, the posts they like, the codes and languages ​​of the Internet that they use. they use,… An important point in your strategy on social networks.

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