Recent studies proposed by Adobe prove it to us. Admittedly, the French spend less time on their professional and personal mailboxes (5.4 hours per day in 2017 against 6.5 hours in 2016). But that doesn’t mean they are ready to give up email. 82% of French people even think that e-mail will be the most popular communication channel in 10 years… well ahead of Facebook and instant messaging systems like WhatsApp. 61% of respondents prefer to be contacted by brands by email. (Adobe) Email marketing therefore remains an always effective means of communicating with customers and prospects. It is nevertheless necessary to know how to evolve with the times, that is to say to adapt to the uses and the expectations of the recipients. Because the content and form of email marketing have already changed a lot. What will make the difference today? The answer in 6 good practices.

The smartphone has also changed user expectations. Among the things that annoy smartphone users the most when reading an email marketing, we find the too long loading time of the images, the omnipresence of text, or even poor mobile optimization. If these points have become essential, it is not thanks to them that you will make the difference. “Today, thanks to well-thought-out tools, we can design responsive and well-targeted emails quite easily. These Saudi Arabia Phone Number List have been made much less technical. The sinews of war will therefore now reside in the editorial content. If we manage to send relevant and well-targeted content at a frequency suitable for the recipient, it’s a winner. You have to put content back at the heart of emailing. ” Benjamin Adam, Technical Project Manager # 2 Optimize your sending frequency The frequency of sending remains a major criterion for users.

Email marketing: what are the best practices?

Email marketing: what are the best practices? First and foremost, it should be borne in mind that the performance of email marketing varies depending on the industry. thus highlighted in its study the variations in open and click-through rates depending on the business sector. While legal services have the best open rate (39%), the publishing sector has the best click-through rate (7.9%). On the contrary, the web marketing sector has an average open rate of 13%, while the automotive sector has an average click-through rate of 2.2%, closely followed by web marketing with 2.5%. Certain sectors are therefore more conducive to email marketing than others. Guide to good practices for successful email marketing # 1 Responsive Web Design: a must Even if the computer remains the most used medium for consulting both professional and personal emails (85%), the smartphone is increasingly preferred (77%), especially among 18 to 34 year.


Sending Responsive marketing emails is therefore a step that cannot be avoided today. Emailing solutions also go in this direction while being relatively easy to use. According to the Adobe study, 1 in 2 people find that sending too frequent email marketing is painful. The challenge for you is to find the right balance. The majority of people in this study only want to receive a monthly email from their bank, their telephone company, or their favorite brand and restaurant. Guide to good practices for successful email marketing # 3 Focus on informative rather than commercial content In addition to the frequency of sending, it is the content that will tip the scales. Users expect informative and useful content rather than promotional emails with a purely commercial message. Email marketing is however accepted if it offers a real advantage (discounts, special offers) provided that the offer has not expired.

3 Focus on informative rather than commercial content

No, email marketing has not yet said its last word. # 4 personalize content The other good practice that promotes acceptance of email marketing is personalization . Consumers today want a fully personalized customer experience. Email marketing is one of them. It must be personalized according to the interests of each one . # 5 Innovate and surprise the recipient Email marketing still offers as many opportunities as long as you rethink its content, but also its form. To appeal, it must increasingly offer a design and user experience similar to websites . Ultimately, we have to imagine emails with animated visuals, interactive forms, drop-down menus, etc. Among users’ expectations, we can also mention the possibility of finalizing a purchase directly from an email. Geolocated emails that would work in real time are also part of the expected innovations. Thus, your customers could receive a promotion by email when entering your store.

Email marketing is dead, long live email marketing. # 6 Don’t forget your classics To attract your customers, you also have to think about using all the tools available to you. Thus, the subject of the email is very important. Since they are typically cut off by most courier services from 40 characters long, the strategy for brands is to write subject lines 20 to 60 characters long. Paradoxically, the emails that register the best open rates have a subject between 90 and 119 characters. Ultimately, it’s not the length of the object that counts, but its content. Generic objects are rather short and serve to capture a large audience, while more specific objects, often longer, will appeal to a more targeted audience. For your object to be effective, it must be in line with your strategy. Experiment to find out what works best.

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