Stronger slides for your Taiwan Phone Number presentation with these 7 points of attention di Don’t think of a pink elephant! 10 marketing tips from behavioral psychology di Is an employee handbook boring? It was not! 4 inspiring examples di This is how you draw up a strong impact report in 4 steps ma It was a rainy Wednesday Taiwan Phone Number morning. I arrived at one of my clients’ offices to meet their marketing manager. As I tried to fold my soaked umbrella, I saw this pile of misery approaching me. She was holding a cup of coffee so Taiwan Phone Number strong that the smell alone made.

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Good morning’ – she muttered. ‘Good morning’ – I replied – ‘What’s the matter? With all due respect, but you look like you were Taiwan Phone Number tortured in a medieval prison. ‘Yes something like that. I’m overwork. We don’t have enough people on marketing. I have so much to do that I barely have time to go to the bathroom. Ow, crap  I thought to Taiwan Phone Number myself ‘Not again. I told her to relax and sit down for a while. “Let’s take a look at the situation. I’m sure you don’t have to be so stressed and we can come up with a Taiwan Phone Number solution to your problems.

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We talked for two hours about Taiwan Phone Number how hard it is to get things done and get results with such limited resources. But in the end, the conclusion of this conversation was clear: they were doing too many things at once and Taiwan Phone Number too much manually. After working with several similar clients, I came to the conclusion that the same mistakes often repeat themselves and that many teams are taking too much Taiwan Phone Number on their hands. Bas on that, we came up with a plan that is valuable for any business.

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