Ten years later, it has become an essential device for Brand Content , Community Management and SEO . But beware, uses have changed in ten years and continue to evolve. Here we give you some tips on how to use the hashtag wisely. 10 years of hashtag: rebirth through new uses History of the spider which held only by a thread Twitter was created in 2006. As social networks are emerging in our world, very quickly Chris Messina, former designer at Google, plans to link discussions with a simple acronym that identifies a common theme. In 2007, the hashtag was born. If the idea is rejected at first, it does not take long to be adopted and to spread over the Internet. Today, we can see how much without a Twitter hashtag would be difficult to use. Over the years, this cross has established itself in digital strategies .

Initially, the hashtag was thought of as a kind of bridge between communities, hence the acronym of a cross. Its uses have diversified and made it inevitable. Hashtag: 8 uses and their advantages # 1: do some research The first use of the hashtag is to conduct research around a specific topic within a social network. The advantage for you? Identify and China Phone Number List the reach of certain themes and keywords that will integrate your next digital communication campaign. # 2: relay an event When you communicate about an event, it is advisable to use a unique and precise hashtag , dedicated specifically to this event. For example, for the NWX Summer Festival 2017 , an event dedicated to the digital revolution, the hashtag was: # NWXSF17 Hashtag: how to optimize your visibility? The advantage for you?
An event hashtag becomes a communication medium in itself.

Hashtag: marketing tool for optimized SEO

The acronym # was born out of a need: to bring together distinct groups of conversation on the social network Twitter around a shared theme. Thus, the hashtag # NWXSF17 was used as a decorative element on the stage of the event. In addition, the rise of live events is such that the event hashtag is becoming a practice more and more used to connect the communities present at the event in real life and those who follow it in live . If you’re interested in this topic, we recommend reading our White Paper Covering a Live Event on Social Media, slated for release in December 2017. # 3: generate engagement Certain hashtags have a very specific role: to unite Internet users around a charitable or political campaign. The use is to generate commitment . For example, UNICEF joined an already existing hashtag shared by a large community: #EndViolence – against children.


The history of the hashtag is that of a success story; and it might just make yours . At the same time, the organization directly targeted its community via a specific hashtag: #BringBackOurGirls. Hashtag: how to optimize your visibility? The advantage for you? Brands can use engagement hashtags to segment or rally their communities . The Health Insurance campaigned with #lagrippejedisnon. A study looks at the ability of hashtags to create engagement . She also points the finger at false good ideas. For example: a tweet with 10 hashtags on common words will have the opposite effect than expected. Indeed, the recorded engagement rate is generally much lower, because the message is often scrambled by too many hashtags. The success of your communication campaigns depends on the choice of words and the right calibration. In other words, it is important that your hashtag conveys a unifying value . But also that it sparingly .

Conclusion? On the web, content is king and the hashtag its valet

The advantage for you? The use of the hashtag is very relevant to modernize a subject, for the attention of Millennials in particular. The example below shows how the notebooks surf on a hashtag that has been very popular since the success of Williams’ song with young people: #happy. Hashtag: how to optimize your visibility?# 5: penetrate a segment Hashtags make it possible to identify new targets thanks to Twitter, since it suggests the most popular. Instagram even specifies how many times the hashtags have been used. The Hashtracking.com platform also allows you to discover the most fashionable ones, upstream of your publications. Hashtag: how to optimize your visibility? The advantage for you? Basically, used this way, the hashtag is a free way to join a group without having to go through a paid targeting service. Used wisely, it allows you to evangelize new communities.

# 6: Give an international touch The hashtag makes it possible to associate terms from other languages. You can place words in English, without going through heavy translations. The advantage for you? This can be useful for a brand or a company that wants to reach an international target. Below: #ParisWeLoveYou which targets tourists, lovers of Paris, including the Asian community. Below, within the in Japanese, you will find the hashtag…Hashtag: how to optimize your visibility? In addition, Millennials are fond of Anglicism because of their taste for travel. Do not hesitate to make this kind of use with them. # 7: show transparency Since this year, a new use of the hashtag on social networks concerns product placement. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) now regulates disguised advertising . It requires transparent communication. For now, this is expressed by the appearance of specific hashtags: #sp (“sponsored”), #thanks, #partner, etc.

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