Creating an aesthetic site that guarantees an optimal user experience usually involves neglect of SEO. Reconciling the UX of a site and at the same time optimizing its natural referencing requires some sacrifices for one or the other, especially when it comes to content. A text optimized for natural referencing is indeed essential on the pages of a website to improve its ranking on search engines. On the contrary, web designers would do well to keep the visual aspect of the site. Recourse to hidden text then appears as a means of reconciling the two. If the user experience is clearly not sacrificed, however, it is questionable whether the SEO of hidden text is just as effective as visible text. A very interesting experiment conducted by Shai of Reboot Online allows us to determine if the use of hidden text has a lower impact on the SEO of a site.

Example of hidden text How do you put it in place? There are several ways to place hidden text on a web page. In CSS or JavaScript, we use for example the CSS rule display: none or visibility: hidden. Otherwise, it is also possible to use the HTML Text Area tag. The method used by Shai The experience was born out of a disagreement with a web developer. Shai team wanted to make hidden text visible, to which they were told that would not change anything Jordan Phone Number List “Google reads the code anyway”. But does it only take into account the code? A tool launched in 2014 by Google confirms that the user experience is taken into account. Indeed, Google does not only know how to read the code of a page, it can also see the display of this one as an Internet user would see it.

First, What Do We Mean By Hidden Text?

At the same time, Google does not only have access to the CSS and JavaScript resources of a page since it can see the rendering of a site. In a desire to always improve the user experience, we could then think that Google is thus giving more weight to the content that the user can see rather than to the hidden text. Only there are no studies to confirm or deny this. Shai therefore decided to lead his own. The SEO experience of hidden text His experience consisted in comparing the SEO results of websites composed of content present in 4 different forms: Fully visible text Hidden text with an HTML tag
Hidden text via CSS Hidden text via JavaScript To carry out this experiment, Shai had to invent a keyword that is not present on the Internet at all. Thus, the experience was as neutral as possible.


This is indeed what the “Explore like Google” tool and its “Explore and display” option suggest. (Search console> Exploration> Explore like Google> Explore and view). Knowing that the hidden text is seen by Google, Shai wonders why Google would give it more importance. He therefore chose the name given to a type of fictitious bacteria. Keyword used for hidden text and visible text Similar, but not duplicated, content of around 400 words was written. Each content has been integrated on a website created for the occasion. In total, 20 sites with completely blank domain names have been created: 4 with fully visible text 4 in JavaScript with hidden text 4 in CSS with hidden text 4 with hidden text via a Text Area tag. Small clarification: the keyword was mentioned 3 times in each content and was not present in the first visible paragraph.

The Method Used By Shai Aharony

Google favors more visible texts in its ranking, but also Text Area. CSS and JavaScript sites containing hidden texts are visibly lower ranked and their positions are very similar. Hidden text and visible text: SEO behavior on Google SEO results on Google On the other hand, the results on the other search engines, Bing and Yahoo! in this case, are not so explicit. SEO result on Bing SEO result on Yahoo! The conclusions of the hidden text experiment The experiment conducted by Shai on the hidden text highlights the superiority of Google’s algorithm compared to its competitors, Yahoo! and Bing. Then, it confirms what we recommend at: Google prefers fully visible text to hidden text. To optimize your natural referencing, it is therefore better to opt for a fully visible text or, but it is less used in Web Design, to integrate it in a Text Area tag.

It affects professionals more. Implementing a Social Media strategy has become essential for schools, universities and training centers. If everyone agrees that it is now a priority, the lack of means, budget, skills and time can be obstacles. However, the stakes are very high, hence the need to entrust your digital project to experts who will be able to unite a community around your school, and thus offer you opportunities for partnerships and the recruitment of new students. Then, you need to measure the performance of your videos by analyzing the number of views, shares, likes and dislikes and comments. interaction-engagement Regarding this last objective, it all depends on the action sought. Is it to drive traffic to your site, get a form filled out, download a file, make sales, etc. ? Measuring your performance is essential to assess your strategy and thus adjust it accordingly.


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