But is this trend temporary or lasting? But what exactly is motion design? Motion design, or Motion Graphics Design in English, is a graphic animation technique for creating impactful audiovisual content, from 2D or 3D elements, images and illustrations, geometric shapes, typography, etc. If this technique has been found for a long time on television, it is currently experiencing a real craze on the Internet. Motion design is everywhere! YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. The Internet and social networks are the favorite playgrounds for motion design animations . Online video is currently enjoying great success. The audiences even exceed those of some television channels. If we had to retain a single actor from online video, we would necessarily cite YouTube. The platform is an essential leader which generates 28 million unique per month in France, or as many as Canal + viewers.

It seems to have conquered Internet users, but also advertisers because it brings in a lot. In its conquest of the Web, motion design has brilliantly succeeded in its entry. motion-design-audience motion-design Varied formats that appeal to creativity Motion design brings together several techniques such as flat motion, 2D or 3D animation, typographic animation, etc. This offers a wide variety of motion design formats. Here are some examples of realizations in motion design, Lithuania Phone Number List from GIF to video. GIF – My Little Paris Short video on Instagram – Louis Vuitton YouTube video – Starbucks Impactful formats that appeal to internet users and create engagement Brands and advertisers are increasingly using motion design, as animated graphic content is on the rise. On Facebook for example, video is the format that gets the most engagements. Video sharing is on the rise, while link sharing is falling and photo sharing is stagnating.

Motion Design Is Everywhere!

Video-shares-engagement However, for a motion design video to grab the attention of internet users and be viral, it must be short. We recommend a maximum duration of 2 minutes. The future in motion design? According to forecasts, the video format will represent 80% of Internet traffic by 2020. Video therefore has a bright future ahead of it, especially since this format appeals to Internet users and makes marketers happy. Not only does video generate conversions, but it also creates engagement and promotes SEO for the web pages where it is posted. Video-lever-marketing The opportunities offered by motion design are numerous. It can be used to present your company, activity or products. It is a format that is at the same time aesthetic, educational and dynamic, thanks to which we can deliver a concise message that commands attention.


Your Social Media strategy should then be mainly oriented on Snapchat, Instagram and YouTube as well as Facebook to a lesser extent. New kids are also appearing in France, such as Musical.ly and its little brother Live.ly. These are video applications, assimilated to social networks. They use the same codes as them (subscribers, like, comment, share, etc.). By positioning itself on the credo of music and live streaming, it is not surprising to see their success with young people, which attracts brands. Coca Cola was the first brand to launch on Musical.ly with its #ShareACoke campaign. Which formats to favor? To capture their attention, your ads need to be short and to the point , known as snack content. This generation Z, which is also nicknamed the zapping generation , has an attention span longer small compared to his elders. It has gone from 12 seconds in 2000 to 8 seconds today.

Varied Formats That Appeal To Creativity

Communication through images has a much more impact on them than on other generations . The Bumper Ads format on YouTube , a 6-second sponsored video format, lends itself well to this new trend. The short and interactive formats offered by Snapchat are also perfect, especially as they allow a great deal of leeway for brands. You can find here our “Top 9 brands that have understood everything about Snapchat”. Here it might, for example, be interesting to use: the Snap Ads disseminated among Stories the Sponsored the Sponsored Lenses . Here is an example with the Benefit cosmetics brand. Snapchat ads Generation Z The ad should also be very visual and creative . Generation Z is much more creative than Y in terms of content. They create more of their own content, while the Ys are more into sharing posts.

And this trend is not about to end. So for your newsletters , your publications on social networks or to animate your website, video in motion design will be a real asset. Faced with more creative and demanding young people , it is better to use your imagination to create a short, impactful and original ad in order to attract attention and arouse curiosity. Finally, we must favor a multichannel strategy . Millennials own and use multiple devices, sometimes at the same time. Your ads must therefore be adapted to each screen, and especially to mobile. Target and personalize your ads! Millennials are not very receptive to traditional advertising and mass marketing . On the other hand, they are not totally resistant to advertising. They are only more sensitive to targeted advertisements that directly concern them, and especially discreet advertisements that do not hamper the user experience.





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