Amazon is a key player in e-commerce in France and around the world. If this marketplace represents a great opportunity for sellers, only a certain FIJI EMAIL LIST number of them manage to really take advantage of it. Among them are the beneficiaries of the coveted “buy box”, a literal translation of the “buy box”. What is it really about? On what criteria is one of the GAFA based to grant it to Amazon sellers? Is it difficult to join the “Fulfillment by Amazon” program? Our Amazon agency sheds light on this subject and supports you in developing your sales strategy. Become an Amazon Prime selle “Seller Dispatched” Prime Badge“Fulfilled by Amazon” Prime badge: one of the keys to visibility Amazon shopping box: where is it?

French e-merchants are completely free to promote their products and services on marketplaces. For others, these platforms represent the bulk of their turnover. It is therefore hardly surprising to learn that in 2018 the American firm recorded nearly 20% of online sales in our country, far ahead of Cdiscount. The SEO of Amazon and its millions of pages is undoubtedly no stranger to it. However, it is not enough to appear on this site to see his orders progress! The idea is to offer attractive offers, in particular in terms of price, but also to enjoy high visibility. This is embodied by the purchase box of an Amazon seller account, and materialized by the button “Add to cart”.

Become an Amazon Prime seller

Win the buy box to sell more Say you offer this headset on Amazon. You inevitably won’t be the only trader selling it, but potential buyers do not have access to all sellers of this product. When they consult the page dedicated to this model of helmet, they have the opportunity, in one click, to put the accessory in their basket and to finalize their order. Therefore, it is the Amazon seller of the product that is associated with the “Add to Cart” button that records the sale. It is estimated that 82% of sales are made thanks to this device. This is why it remains important, even essential to have the purchase box in order to be visible on Amazon.


However, nothing prevents Internet users from obtaining the same product from another e-merchant, by clicking on the link again framed in red. In fact, this alternative is really in demand. Amazon and Buy Box referencing: user experience as the key word It goes without saying, the sine qua non to win the Amazon shopping box is to have an Amazon seller account. The product concerned must absolutely be new, so the Buy Box system does not apply to used products. Many other characteristics are taken into consideration by the marketplace to determine the owner of the purchase box. His goal ? Guaranteeing the best possible shopping experience for Internet users and the experts at our Amazon agency know how to proceed to achieve this goal.

“Fulfilled by Amazon” Prime badge: one of the keys to visibility

In order to be displayed in a shopping box, it will be essential to optimize the content of your product sheet by working on criteria of relevance. Submit a good product title If you are several sellers selling the same product from the same brand, Amazon will favor the seller who has offered the best product title with as many details as possible. Do not hesitate to read our article on how to optimize your Amazon product title . Optimize product characteristics In order to be considered the most relevant product sheet and thus obtain the purchase box for your product, it is advisable to fill in at least 5 characteristics via the bulleted list. Do not hesitate to indicate as much information as possible within the limit of 250 characters per characteristic.

See our infographic on the golden rules of Amazon SEO . ex pardon amazon Bulleted list of a product sheet of the brand PARDON! Details of the technical description Element very often overlooked by Amazon sellers: the technical description . If you want to be displayed in the buy box, we strongly recommend that you fill in as many technical details as possible about your product in your Seller Central administration. It is really this element that will make a big difference compared to your competitors . amazon technical description The product description Last component of your product sheet and not the least, the description. Within the limit of 2000 characters maximum, try to integrate the most important keywords in relation to your product and to put the essential terms in bold .


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