Google My Business is now one of the Californian giant’s most popular professional services and is of real interest to entrepreneurs. From setting Ecuador Email Address up your account to providing information to Google My Business reviews: our SEO agency will help you understand how this platform works. For many professionals, a digital presence is crucial if it allows them to develop their business. Among the companies concerned, there are a certain number which have their own point of sale and wish to be able to attract more customers, whether or not they sell products and services on the Internet at the same time. The Google My Business service has enough assets to arouse their interest, but companies still need to manage to use it effectively.

When we allude to a local audience and local SEO, this means customers who live in the region but also tourists who stay there occasionally and can also be the source of geolocated requests. This audience embodies your target to whom you could introduce your business by benefiting from visibility on local expressions related to your activity. Figures that demonstrate the importance of local SEO If the theory that we have just exposed does not completely convince you, undoubtedly the figures will further arouse your curiosity. First of all, note that one in four Google searches has a local dimension . It can be an Internet user mentioning a city, a postal code, a district or even a search in which he includes a mention such as “around me” or “near”.

How to optimize your Google My Business listing?

These last two expressions were also used twice as often on Google in 2018 than in 2017. In addition, nearly 9 out of 10 consumers (88% more precisely) who carried out this type of research did indeed enter a store in less than 5 miles from home within 24 hours of the search. Who is Google My Business for? From a small independent business to a medium-sized business to a franchise: all types of companies can create their Google My Business listing. Restaurants, hotels and all physical businesses are concerned. It is not necessary to have a website to be eligible for this service but we strongly advise you to opt for the creation of a website in order to increase your chances of making your Google My Business page visible in the engines. of research.


How to register on Google My Business? First and foremost, make sure you don’t already have a Google My Business listing. Otherwise, if you are logged in to your Google account, go to the following address . You will find a green button at the top right, click on it and you will be able to enter various information allowing you to claim your establishment. By naming him, you will already know if he has a file. The first data to be entered concerns the postal address of the company. Validation by Google teams is carried out by e-mail, telephone and letter, the latter case comes into force as part of the validation of your business listing.

How do I delete a Google My Business review?

How to optimize your Google My Business listing? The stake is not only to create the file of its establishment, like so many other companies of its region. The important thing is to be the most visible locally. To do this, the first step consists in highlighting the information that Internet users are likely to consult, in particular the hours and contact details of your company, including the telephone number and the website. Some of your prospects will also wonder about the offer you are making. Thus, it is in your best interest to list your main products and services as well as their prices. To do this, we recommend that you add a description and use a maximum of 750 characters available in the description field of your Google My Business listing in order to insert the local expressions searched for in Google.

The published visuals are also essential, they project Internet users into your environment and reassure them about the experience they will have when they enter your store. Hotel, restaurant, store… everyone is concerned! Among the other good practices to be implemented, we stress the importance of updating the information as many times as necessary, for two reasons. In terms of image, it is about informing Internet users as precisely as possible as soon as a change occurs within your company. On the other hand, Google detects possible dissimilarities between the information on your Google My Business listing and that which is indexed on other platforms such as Yelp, TripAdvisor, Yellow Pages etc … the search engine can even take the initiative to change the information you have mentioned yourself.

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