In 2005, organic was still a niche market. It attracted initiates who had already taken the step to change their way of consuming. We thus met Israel Email List in-store people committed with expectations which greatly improved the offer. At the same time, the organic specifications were not all finalized. Wine, for example, did not yet have an official label. Also, I am convinced that it is the demands of consumers that have, to a large extent, structured our market. Today, the organic market has exploded and customers are much more informed by being less knowledgeable about the offer. It is normal, they have new expectations, more global, which will further increase the offer. We are leaving a time when the sectors, the product, the manufacturing method were enough to satisfy consumers,

to enter a period when organic is participating in a profound change which must take into account the problems of reducing waste, pollution of the environment. environment and additional guarantees on transparency and ethics. Engagement Naturalia As Marketing & Communication Director, what were your main challenges? I am part of a generation where you easily change companies for career issues, salary growth or simply because you like change. I have a rather atypical background, and I consider that I was very lucky because I returned to NATURALIA for a first and small job in the store. I literally fell in love with this brand and I never left it. NATURALIA is a company whose raison d’être is the freedom to do good. It’s not nothing.

What is the tool / application that you cannot live without?

The teams then, and still today, are very committed and work for many projects as in a family business. This makes you feel invested with a mission when you go to work (by bike), it’s precious. My challenges in each assignment, for 15 years, have been to identify what I could bring and how to be up to the challenges that concern the brand and my service. I have been in charge of the marketing and communication department for 8 years, but I have had full control over the strategy for two years. My investment remains unchanged. My main challenge in recent years has been to align the brand and its positioning . On a daily basis, it is a question of bringing more humanity and lightness, of revealing a daring value that is part of the DNA and thus making visible the authenticity of this beautiful brand.


These are key values ​​for NATURALIA to assert its difference and structure its communications around the most engaging projects. Naturalia organic products What is your secret so that your marketing strategy and its performance are as virtuous as the values ​​of your products? Pretty simple secrets: As often as possible, ask yourself “why?” How does this correspond to NATURALIA? If before speaking or structuring commitments, customer comments have been taken into account? If it respects our values? From there, we build projects and communications that are honest and match a deep brand engagement. This principle also makes it possible to maintain momentum. Organic is evolving, so do expectations and NATURALIA therefore still has a lot to do. Improving on a daily basis means becoming aware of new challenges without betraying the basics and finding solutions that nourish the future of NATURALIA.

What advice would you give to a future manager?

In this, we forbid ourselves to communicate in order to communicate, we must find meaning. Vrack Friday, protection of intimate apricots… the tone of your campaigns is always more daring and more modern. What ambitions does this development bring? Since 2007, NATURALIA’s tone has been an integral part of its positioning. It’s more sassy than the way market players communicate, often in a perfect archetype where everything is pure and in control. We are sure of our values ​​and our commitments, in line with the original organic. We believe that this market was built in an unconventional way. It seems important to us that this founding state of mind remains. We do not want to make organic a smooth and normative subject but, on the contrary, a subject in movement which evolves to nourish tomorrow.

Vrack Friday Nowadays, it is the consumers who move the lines and project us on “tomorrow”. They also carry this initial nonconformism at the same time. The tone of NATURALIA aims to answer their questions, provide the guarantees they expect, respect their individuality and let go by putting a little lightness in all of this. Our communications are thus challenged to be modern and playful. We have the ambition to develop more links with consumers by giving maximum customer orientation to our projects. What values ​​does this taking part reflect? The values ​​of the brand I hope: Responsibility ; we owe it to ourselves to make our commitments and biases loud and clear. Transparency; both on the subjects where we are good but also on those where we are still working to improve ourselves.

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