Benoit BOSSUET, Marketing Manager at NEOPOST SHIPPING Data has been a topic of great interest to me for years. However, data does not have Portuguese Timor Email List the same maturity everywhere and all companies do not have the same needs, but there is a minimum to know with a CRM for example. 1. BUSINESS QUESTION What is the major marketing issue in your business right now? Only 6 months ago we only used 2 marketing levers: the website and the events. With our new strategic orientations, reorganization and strong ambitions, we have revised our marketing priorities and we are closely interested in digital marketing as well as our segmentation and our customer targeting in order to deploy all the digital levers. We have an important stake in terms of data.

We need to improve our skills in the management and use of data. Once our BDD base has become qualitative, we will be able to focus on our 3 main axes: Generate Leads Notoriety and Brand Image Be an efficient sales support 2. DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION QUESTION How do you organize yourself today in the face of new customer journeys? We do not have a multi-channel approach, we are not yet mature for it, but this is also due to the nature of our B2B activity. In any case, we now want to have a solid base in BDD and segmentation before analyzing and nurturing our multichannel marketing strategy and our understanding of the customer journey. In the DNA of NEOPOST SHIPPING this is also quite new. For now, we have more of a commercial approach than a marketing approach.

What’s Your Favorite App?

However, in our commercial strategy we are diversifying the prospecting levers: our salespeople, for example, have recently been trained in social selling and new digital 3.0 prospecting tools and we – the marketing team – embark them on this path as soon as they join our team, by strongly encouraging them and helping them to communicate and share more via networks – social and physical. 3. BUSINESS QUESTION It is said that today data is key in marketing. What do you think ? (where do you practice data marketing?) Data has been a topic of great interest to me for years. I was not surprised, during your breakfast on December 15 on the marketing jobs of tomorrow,


by the emergence of jobs around data. However, data does not have the same maturity everywhere and all companies do not have the same needs, but there is a minimum to know with a CRM for example. NEOPOST SHIPPING is at the beginnings of data. We are already using what we have. That’s why I’m looking forward to the next breakfast to learn more about the marketing jobs of tomorrow. 4. FAVORITE QUESTION What is the key skill to face the challenges of tomorrow? It is not only a question of skills but also a question of knowing how to be. You have to be able to be operational, that is to say to master all the tools, at least a minimum. It’s more intuitive for millennials than for previous generations, but you absolutely have to get started.

What Innovation Has Marked You In Recent Months?

It is also necessary to have common sense and to be curious; as marketers we have to be interested in everything. Finally, you have to be agile in the sense that you have to know how to be flexible and also know how to say no and manage your priorities so as not to find yourself overwhelmed. But the main thing in all of this is to love your job and to be a real Swiss Army Knife. In any organization with more than 30 or 40 people, marketing is relevant but to deploy its full force, it must now be aligned with the sales teams. It is important to go see customers with salespeople to better identify them and understand what they need. 5. DISRUPTION ISSUE What innovation has marked you in recent months? The innovations that have marked me the most are all the advances around artificial intelligence,

which is undergoing strong change due to the rise of eCommerce. For example: today there are large capacity trucks, themselves transporting a smaller vehicle making it possible to achieve the last mile of delivery. The following ? a boom in robotization, such as drone delivery, which is becoming a reality. 6. ROUTINE QUESTION What’s your favorite app? I don’t have a lot of apps. But the one I use most often is LinkedIn. It’s the social network that I love the most right now. There is also an application that has aroused my curiosity, these last days: Goodtogo. It is an application which allows you to discover the restaurateurs who offer a meal with the unsold items of the day. 7.

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