Used frequently by advertisers and publishers, sponsored articles remain a relatively mysterious channel. Unlike a self-service Facebook or Google campaign, editorial influence campaigns require the intermediation of a platform (unless of course going live with the media, which Ghana WhatsApp Number List complicates things). We often imagine that these campaigns are expensive, but this is not the case. Contrary to popular belief, an editorial influence campaign based on the purchase of sponsored articles is not “expensive”. Like all distribution channels, the advertiser pays a different price depending on the size of the audience reached, and its quality. A premium site, like a leading French media outlet, will obviously be more expensive than an obscure niche site. To report with transparency on market prices, we base ourselves on the prices of getfluence , a leading platform in the sector that we regularly talk about.

The big advantage of getfluence is that the platform is free, the service only commissions on the purchase of sponsored articles (and not on access to the platform). You can therefore access the prices of influential media and blogs from a large number of sectors of activity without paying registration. Note that the site also references a large number of international sites (40% of the catalog). The prices are linked to the audience of the site, and to the quality of this one. An article costs from 50 euros (small blog) to 3000 euros or even more (leading national media). A wide range of course, but which reflects the types of sites available. To effectively measure audiences, and therefore legitimize the costs of an article, getfluence is based on various indicators: Trust Flow, Citation Flow, Domain Authority

Costs Depending On The Audience And The Quality Of The Site

Alexa ranking, monthly visits, social audience … You are sure to buy an article on a really influential site or blog, with supporting KPIs. When you know the market prices for classic media buying, the prices of sponsored articles are quite affordable. And with a platform like getfluence, it is possible to choose an audience that is really affinity with your brand or your product. Easily measurable results and ROI One of the great advantages of sponsored article campaigns is that it’s easy to measure the ROI. They are in fact based on clear objectives: lead generation, traffic generation, visibility, conversion, etc. Concretely, you can define KPIs specific to your campaign and measure them. Thanks to the links tracked with personalized UTMs, you will be able to precisely measure your conversion costs.

It therefore becomes quite simple to measure the performance of sponsored articles compared to other acquisition channels (Facebook Ads, programmatic, etc.) and therefore to choose the most relevant. Note that it is possible to request Do Follow links, which will also allow you to work on your SEO. Easy-to-set up campaigns Another (very) big plus of the platform: it requires neither creation, nor human time, nor management. It is very easy to learn. You access the various sites available in a few clicks (by category, and by country). Once the site has been chosen, you can brief them on the content to write, ask getfluence to write it, or send your own content. It is very quick to learn, very simple and the deadlines are very short. The added value of the platform is therefore to save you precious time

Easily Measurable Results And Roi

At no additional cost. On the program for this edition, there are “well-known” names, others less “known”, but all are part of one and the same program which, without them, would not have had the same richness. Are you interested in Web Camp Day? Visit the official website to access the full program and ticket office for the event. More info on Discovery Ads . Deep linking app: deep links in ads Among the novelties related to advertising tools, Google announces the deep linking app. “From now on, consumers with a brand’s application will be able to take action after viewing a Google ad” : they will be redirected directly to a screen of the mobile app through a deep link. YouTube Bumper machine: generate a 6 second ad Google will try to convert advertisers to Bumper Ads on YouTube.

This is a binding format, limited to 6 seconds (and offered to users before playing a video, without skip). To make it easier to create 6-second ads, Google is launching a tool, Bumper Machine, which automatically converts videos (up to 90 seconds) to 6-second Bumper Ads. Google uses machine learning to identify the highlights of advertising videos (faces, logos, etc.). Google Performance Planner: plan your advertising spending While this announcement did not take place during Marketing Live 2019, it will be of interest to SEAs and other advertising professionals as well. Google is improving the Performance Planner, which allows you to see ” how changes you make to your campaigns can affect key metrics and overall performance.” You can create a plan, view forecasts, explore changes by adjusting settings, and quickly apply changes. More info on the performance planner and the process for activating these changes (manual action is required).

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