Facebook provides you with a relevance index , rating the publications from 1 to 10 and assigning different levels to positive and negative comments according to their frequency: low, medium or high. The key to a well-managed budget is knowing when to reduce or increase your bids, to appear at the most opportune moment. We therefore advise you to trust the Facebook Ads platform to automatically manage your budget. As for the definition of campaigns, it is important to have clear and defined objectives, matched with relevant targeting in order to maximize your chances of reaching your goal. It is also possible to test two advertisements and choose according to their performance: watch the trends and you will quickly see the result! And if you still hesitate to get started, do not hesitate to entrust the task to our experts , they are used to it!

Manage your budget according to your objectives Bids can be placed manually, but it is recommended that you let Facebooks Ads take care of it, in order to optimize the delivery of your ads to meet your objectives as closely as possible and bring results that are really important to you. And to be sure that Facebook understands your intentions, it is necessary at the very beginning of the creation of the campaign to define an overall goal for it. goals Offer South Africa Phone Number List and quality content Because the delivery of an ad will be directly impacted by its relevance and quality, as well as by the engagement it has received, it is essential to offer users impactful and engaging ads. For example, an advertisement that has received a lot of negative feedback may see its total value decrease. index-relevance To get an idea of ​​the reactions generated by your ads,

What Is The Price Of Facebook Ads?

The quality and relevance of the ads Facebook will judge the relevance of your ads in relation to their message and the objectives you have set, and will also take into account the quality of the visual as a whole. So be careful to offer content that matches your targeting and your objective. visual-examples Estimated action rate The action rate is measured based on the likelihood that users will perform the actions required to achieve the set goal. This requires that the products or services offered are relevant to the target and that the ad is optimized for the call to action. Facebook will get an idea of ​​the action rate by broadcasting the ad to the people most likely to take action, among those who are basic interested in the product. How to stay competitive in the face of competition?


These sites weigh more in the balance than others in their. Optimize your presence on social networks Finally, apart from search engines, activity on social networks is no less important: the activity of a company and its global presence on social platforms are taken into account. It is therefore important to have accounts and pages there, but also and above all to be active there! In addition, the animation of a page makes it possible to unite a community around its brand and considerably increase its notoriety, locally and globally. Local SEO and SEO in general is our specialty at: do not hesitate to ask our experts for advice , they will be able to answer you. Advertising on Facebook is within the reach of all budgets, but it is difficult to know precisely the price to count for each campaign, so many factors defining the different costs are numerous.

What should be taken into account when serving ads?

The ad that will appear despite the competition is the one that wins the auction: it is the one that will have the highest value after being subjected to various criteria. But it doesn’t just depend on the price one is willing to pay, so even the smallest budgets have a chance to see their ads appear. Ads auction Set automatically by Facebook, the auction is part of an overall budget given by the advertiser and not to be exceeded, which the platform will divide in order to make the most of the profit at the best time according to the objective set. If, however, you have in mind a particular maximum amount that you are willing to pay for a particular ad, it is possible to set a manual bid, however making it impossible for Facebook to intervene to adapt it if a higher bid appears.

Euro Disney has understood very well that in order to retain its customers, their journey must be made as fluid and adapted to their needs as possible. An application dedicated to the personalized journey of each visitor This work around personalized customer support continues inside the park, with the application dedicated to the visitor’s journey within the complex. Optimize the elements of your site The on & off page optimization of its site is obviously important for its local referencing, so it is welcome to insert keywords specific to the location and to the sector of activity in the various contents on the pages of the site. In addition, can also play a big role: to make the most of it, you have to try to obtain links on sites of local organizations such as the town hall, chamber of commerce or even tourist office.

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