In these videos, milk is in the spotlight and the playful side of the famous red wax shell is repeated thanks to the Mini and their super cheese disguise. The series has been very successful, especially with their target audience, young people. The episodes of the series thus gathered 13.1 million views. Last June, a season 2 aired on YouTube channel. This time, we were able to follow the adventures of the Super Cheeses in search of “Legendary Lands”, and discover new characters such as Juliette the Astrid the Speed ​​and a brand new product the Mini . Like the fruits of Oasis, the Mini are personified with a lot of humor. The videos are also interactive. We get caught up in this quest for the Legendary Lands, and we are even called upon to help the Super Cheeses reach their goal by clicking on the video.

A successful YouTube TV media mix campaign In anticipation of the launch of their next media campaign (in November 2016) joined forces with a company specializing in measuring the effectiveness of marketing actions. How was the media campaign measured? To be able to measure the effectiveness of the media mix, two distribution zones have been defined, the first only for the TV campaign, the second for a YouTube TV media mix campaign. The latter, Spain Phone Number List lasted 3 weeks, then takes the form of a mini series of three episodes of 1 minute 40 each. It is the format which has been favored on YouTube What are the results ? In-store sales for each distribution area were then compared for 3 weeks to measure the impact of the two campaigns. The results then showed that the YouTube TV media mix combo had generated + 3% in sales in value and + 6% in volume .

A creative and entertaining YouTube channel

Therefore repeated the operation in 2016 and 2017, except that the YouTube budget was increased.12% from GRP TV to YouTube The complementarity of TV and YouTube will have made it possible to reach a new, younger audience, and even increase sales by 6%. A creative and entertaining YouTube channel By launching last November its new mini-series, entitled “The life of the net” is clearly positioned in entertainment. How YouTube helped increase sales The mix media campaign not only had a positive impact on sales, but also on brand awareness. The YouTube campaign notably made it possible to attract a new, younger audience. Likewise, the impact is not only positive in the short term. Thanks to the Brand Lift Survey, studies to measure the impact of advertising on brands, we learned that the media mix campaign increased advertising recall by 11.2% and purchase intention by 6.7%.


In 2015, launched “Mini Super Cheese”, a funny and quirky campaign where Mini were personified a bit like the Super Fruits of Oasis. Had, for the occasion, deployed a mix media TV YouTube campaign. It was a success. Finally, the engagement generated by the campaign exploded. The search indicator associated with the Mini brand was 536% and that of searches associated with the web series “The Life of the Net” was 783%. YouTube has become a very relevant advertising tool that even the biggest brands, accustomed to TV advertising, are acclaiming. Proves to us that the YouTube TV media mix is ​​complementary, and gives rise to very positive results. Finally, the advantage of YouTube is that it is not only aimed at big brands like TV advertising can be. You too can consider increasing your brand awareness and generating sales through YouTube Ads.

A successful YouTube TV media mix campaign

Switch to HTTPS The HTTPS protocol is a guarantee of security and confidence for the Internet user . It attests to the authenticity, confidentiality and integrity of the data, which guarantees online shoppers significant security. Here too, the HTTPS protocol is an SEO criterion taken into account by Google which wishes to generalize it to all sites. As you will have understood, the SEO audit is a very valuable CRO tool for increasing your conversion rate. But the SEO audit must still be well conducted, otherwise it would be completely useless. Of course, free tools like those offered by Google allow you to perform part of your SEO audit, but only experts can deepen and analyze your SEO audit. It is therefore wise to entrust this SEO audit to professionals who have expertise in this field, skills for which is recognized.

They publish twice as much content on Instagram Stories than on Snapchat. Proof of this is with the recently deployed Snapchat Ads advertising network. So you prefer our social media expert to deploy an advertising campaign on Instagram Ads or Snapchat Ads? Who said that Social Commerce on Facebook was only for “Pure Players”? A new advertising format for e-merchants A few months ago, a new advertising format appeared in Facebook Ads: the Facebook Collection . It allows you to highlight a product catalog in a fluid and immersive way through photos, videos and even Canvas. The Lifestyle Template is in line with the Facebook Collection like an online catalog except that it allows you to sell all the products displayed in this catalog directly from Facebook. Thanks to this new format, the user can click on the products tagged in the photo to buy them on his mobile .

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