For several years, the hotel sector has been one of the most competitive competitive landscapes on the internet. In question, a growing number Egypt Email List of establishments fighting for the first place on a Google results page being able to display only the Internet sites most relevant for the Net surfer. Especially since today Google has considerably refined the display of its organic results for searches related to a hotel by offering its own reservations space as it had already done for flight reservations, thus directly competing with TripAdvisor and Booking. The objective for a hotel establishment will then be to appear among the top three organic positions of Google, which in 2014 carried out a very interesting study on the digital channels most used by travelers to organize their trips (vacations and travel trips). business).

We can see below that search engines play an important role for travelers in the organizational stages of their stay . Essential factor for appearing at the top of organic results: customer reviews submitted for your hotel establishment, which in most cases constitutes a decision-making element for the user. However, in this article our local SEO agency would like to review the key elements of local SEO that will maximize your chances of seeing your hotel rank in the top results of Google searches. Indeed, it is not enough to be well rated to be first in Google. The three objectives that will motivate our local SEO strategy for your hotel are:

Optimize the user experience and the structure of your site

Keyword research Be visible, but on what expressions? This is the question you should ask yourself in any SEO strategy to define what your audience is looking for and how to focus your action plan. As part of a visibility strategy for your hotel, the objective will be to cover expressions related to your geographic location (city, department or region). For example, if you run a hotel in Paris , the ultimate keyword you would like to be visible on would be “hotel paris”. It will all depend on your geographic location, but also on how many times this keyword is typed in each month. Among the SEO tools to perform your keyword research, we recommend the Google Keywords Planner or SEM Rush .


Last thing, do not hesitate to stand out from the competition by targeting keywords associated with adjectives such as “cheap hotel” or “cozy hotel” which are increasingly sought after terms and convert more easily to a reservation . Create local content Once you have identified your list of keywords that your hotel is relevant to, it will be time to develop some content related to them. Small parenthesis, but tell yourself something simple, in SEO the golden rule is to consider that if we want to be visible on a specific keyword, this keyword must be integrated into our website content and visible to users.

Get ready for voice search

In your situation, we advise you to write interesting text content for your visitors and dealing with targeted keywords. Several solutions are available to you : Write local content on your hotel services and presentation pages Optimize the content of the pages relating to the rooms by integrating a sexy storytelling for the Internet user Create and maintain a blog section dealing with news from your establishment and events related to your city likely to attract tourists By mixing these three approaches, you increase your chances of covering semantics and expressions related to Internet users looking for a hotel in the area thanks to the content on the presentation pages of your establishment and rooms pages, but also improve your visibility on words -local keys relating to cultural events taking place in your geographical area thanks to the blog.

Optimize your page titles and meta descriptions The title of your pages is always the most important element for your natural referencing since it is what the Google robot will read and take into account first to identify the meaning of your page and on which keywords you will be positioned. So remember to include the keyword (often the one with the highest search volume) in your title. In terms of the number of characters for your page titles on mobile and computer, we advise you to respect approximately 70-75 characters . In addition to the titles of your pages, don’t forget to write a meta description which is certainly no longer a direct SEO positioning factor but which will play an important role in the click-through rate of your Google results.

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