Founder of Influence4you, a leading agency and platform for influencers (youtubers, instagrammers, etc.), Stéphane BOUILLET provides advice Paraguay Email List on seizing influencer marketing opportunities. Thanks to his expertise, he presents the key stages of an effective influencing strategy. His interview will allow you to see more clearly in the landscape of influencers in order to find the ideal partner. Finally, you will discover the best practices to adopt to fuel a win-win collaboration with influencers. What is your mission on earth? Two missions: bring the “Best Friend Effect” to advertisers and monetize the social networks of influencers. Faced with the rise of social networks like Instagram, appealing to influencers now seems essential for marketers? What benefits can they expect by activating this channel?

15-35 year olds no longer watch television. The only remaining channel to reach them is social networks. The solution for brands is therefore to pay Facebook to make themselves visible or to collaborate intelligently with influencers. They have become super powerful. Norman, Squeezie and Cyprien, for example, accumulate 90 videos which each made more than 19 million views…. In comparison, the final of the FIFA World Cup has accumulated 19.3 million viewers. These influencers therefore made them 90 finals of the football world cup! Be aware of this massive audience shift. On the other hand, We have found that operations with influencers have 10 times more impact than traditional advertising because influencers speak directly to their community and know how to send messages that speak to them. This explains such performance. Some see this phenomenon running out of steam. It is not so !

What Are Your Tips For Working Win-Win With Influencers?

Micro-influencers, macro-influencers, nano-influencers, prescribers … how to choose and contact the right partners? To contact top influencers, you have to play with your personal relationships. Also, to find the right influencers, it is essential to know their editorial line. We must therefore follow them and learn to discover them via their networks. For microphones and nano influencers, web platforms make it easy to identify and source them. Main asset of these platforms, they provide reliable statistics, especially on the purchases of false followers often used to inflate their communities. At influence4you , we know how to work with top influencers and our platform natively integrates detailed statistics on the identification of fake followers.


What are the key steps to building an effective influencer marketing strategy? What levers to activate? The stages are: Identify your targets to know if the use of influencer marketing is relevant: no need to do influencer marketing if you want to reach people over 40, for example. Determine your budget in order to best allocate your resources: what is your marketing budget and how much of this budget should be allocated to influencer marketing? If you want to reach 18-30 year olds, there is no need to do television or radio for example (with rare exceptions). In this case, it is better to allocate 30 to 60% of the budget for influencer marketing. Define the communication elements and their planning: What messages to convey? Are they simple or complex? On what timing should they be broadcast? Is this a common thread or a one-off communication?

A Model, A Source Of Inspiration, A Brand From Which To Draw Inspiration?

Select on the basis of the previous steps the types of influencers (maco / micro), social networks and influencer marketing mechanisms (event, unboxing, content creation, contests, etc.) which make it possible to animate this strategy. Finally, set your objectives and indicators to monitor their achievement. What are your tips for working win-win with influencers?I would have 4 easy tips to implement: of the campaign to find out if the campaign was a success or not (like any marketing campaign in itself), How and why do you help marketers meet the challenges of influence? Influence marketing has become a mature and hyper expert market. Approaching this subject without fully devoting yourself to it is to run the risk of being quickly overwhelmed. The influencers of a year ago are not the same as they are today.

Some have been able to develop real editorial lines and others have lost the link that connected them to their community. To follow the trend, we help marketers through our expertise. Our tools allow them to save time and optimize campaign results by choosing the right influencers. In 3 years, the market has transformed to become very demanding and professional. Influence is no longer just sending an email to an influencer asking them to unbox a product. The key issues now are creativity and data. A model, a source of inspiration, a brand from which to draw inspiration? Deejo personalized knives have grown with marketing influence. New brands can follow this fine example of a start-up.

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