In an ultra-competitive landscape, the opinion of consumers has asserted itself as an essential factor in the purchasing decision . If brands Venezuela Phone Number List redouble their creativity to convey the value of their products and services, nothing beats the praise of a satisfied customer to earn the trust of your prospects. Today, the transparency of the processing of opinions left on the internet is highly regulated and is subject to verification through the NF Z74-501 standard .

For this, adopting a certified opinion solution is a must-have for any company wishing to attest to its reliability through the voice of its customers. However, it is a question of choosing this solution scrupulously in order to find the one that suits you and that will maximize your return on investment. You will then have the possibility of integrating these customer opinions within your website but also in your SEA and SEO referencing campaigns or even in your mailing campaigns . Here is a selection of certified review solutions that will boost your e-reputation. Google Customer Reviews Free and easy to use, this solution is available to any business with a Google My Business account . Google Customer Reviews has some particularly interesting advantages.

Verified Reviews

On the one hand, by enriching the content of your Google Business listing, it improves your local SEO referencing and generates more interest from Internet users. On the other hand, Google reviews are often the first to appear when a user enters your business name in the search bar. You can also link your current certified reviews solution to Google Customer Reviews if the latter does not automatically transmit its data to the search engine. Verified Reviews This French solution is widely used and offers many features. Of course, it ensures the collection of customer opinions concerning your products, your site or your store (physical or online). Verified Reviews also offers a question / answer module that allows customers to exchange their opinions. This option, in addition to generating some activity on your website, can have a positive impact on your SEO. You will also have access to survey and survey tools , giving you the opportunity to measure the satisfaction of your customers while collecting insights that will help you orient your strategy.


Prices vary from € 59 to € 799 per month depending on the volume of orders to be processed. star certified customer reviews Trustpilot Danish company Trustpilot offers a variety of options for comprehensive and efficient review collection. Particularly focused on SEO, this solution offers to list your e-commerce on its website , making your information and customer opinions available to Internet users. The opinions collected can be integrated into your SEO and SEA campaigns , as well as your social networks for optimal visibility. Trustpilot also makes it possible to encourage your customers to leave reviews and to follow the evolution of your rating. These different options are available according to the chosen offer, with a selection of basic tools in the free plan up to the full pack at 320 € per month. Trustedshops Trustedshops has the particularity of making it a point of honor

Google Customer Reviews

to attest to the reliability of its partner sites. The site has legal expertise , in particular on GDPR legislation and the laws governing online commerce. In addition to collecting customer reviews, from the invitation to write to publication on the website, the German solution is therefore able to give you a mark of trust after evaluating your e-commerce site. The platform is also distinguished by its money-back guarantee functionality , assuring the customer in the event of a problem with the delivery of his order. These options are available through 3 formulas at a

price of € 79 to € 289 per month. There are a multitude of customer opinion solutions for e-merchants who care about their reputation: Shopping Satisfaction, eKomi, Get my Opinion and many others, offering specific functionalities more or less adapted to the different sectors and objectives of merchants. All you have to do is elect yours! Do you want to develop your visibility and integrate customer reviews into your digital campaigns to optimize your feedback? Contact us .

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