The link to the publication And the status! Colors associated with the different statuses (to be planned, scheduled, etc.) allow you to find your way around at a glance in the distribution of its contents. To benefit from this template in its entirety, do not hesitate to contact us by email , we will send it to you! This type of editorial planning of course only concerns the publication of content, but it is also very useful to have a dashboard grouping together the indicators and the results obtained for each publication: thus, the performance of this one. is easily searchable because it is grouped together in a single document. Do not hesitate to seek advice from our experts in the field, who will know how to inform you as much about the planning as about the development of your campaigns !

An essential element of its content marketing strategy Editorial planning makes it possible to forecast the content to be produced, but also to keep a trace of previous publications: thus, it is easier to judge the overall consistency within its strategy, and to anticipate any imbalance, for example on a theme. that would be addressed too much, or not enough. What key Malta Phone Number List should I include in my editorial calendar? To maximize the relevance and efficiency of your publication schedule, a few elements should be taken into account in its development: The date of publication The distribution platform (s): it’s up to you to decide which ones you use! But it is very important to mention them to know where each of the content has already been published and to go and draw the results. Has the content been sponsored?

The Importance Of The Editorial Calendar

A planning tool It helps maintain a rhythm of publication, ensuring that there is consistency in the activity even during off-peak periods (holidays, bank holidays, vacations, etc.). In addition, if several people contribute to this schedule, this makes it possible to better distribute the tasks and to know who does what in real time. The production of content is moreover more easily anticipated, in particular in connection with the seasonal events which punctuate the activity of a company. A monitoring tool The schedule represents a global overview of your content strategy, which greatly facilitates general monitoring! It can also be associated with a dashboard made up of different KPIs (key indicators) of the performance of each content, and on networks, and on the website for example. The thematic, particularly relevant to define the themes to be treated and not to spread too thinly.


And yet, data, dubbed the black gold of the 21st century, represents the present and the future of e-commerce and marketing. “45% of executives consider their company’s customer database to be moderately rich. study for 2013 “72% of companies say they have collected data that has never been used later. study for Pure Storage – 2015 The latter are in fact challenged from all sides by mass marketing. Following our conference given on the use of social networks ( which you can find here ), in which we discussed the importance of managing an editorial calendar , many of you asked us: but how to develop the structure of this calendar in an optimal way, in order to navigate easily and to be able more easily to plan its campaigns? Our social media manager has agreed to share with you the secrets of an efficient and easy-to-set up publication schedule.

What Key Elements Should I Include In My Editorial Calendar?

A very powerful communication tool Quite often Facebook groups are created by the users themselves. It is a place where they can easily “speak up”, unlike Facebook pages which are much more restricted on this subject. Likewise, you will be able to communicate more easily with your community. Granted, it’s already possible on a Facebook page, but the chances of reaching your community are much lower. Because of Facebook’s algorithm and the saturation of news feeds linked to the multiplication of subscriptions to the pages, the reach of your message is shrinking. By creating a group for your brand, your post has a better chance of reaching your target than with a page. Your message will be highlighted in their news feed, but also via Push notifications. From 250 members, Many Ways to Use Facebook Groups The interest of Facebook groups is more on your community than on your offer.

The exchange is at the heart of the group, which puts the community in the front line unlike the pages. Facebook groups can be more or less confidential depending on their status (public, closed or secret). The creation and use of Facebook groups is generally done on the initiative of users, not brands. However, they could find a major interest there. What if Facebook groups allowed you to communicate more with a more qualified community? Why shouldn’t Facebook groups be underestimated? A dedicated place to unite a qualified community The more restricted framework of Facebook groups brings together people who are really interested in your brand, your early fans and your loyal customers. Thus, Facebook groups bring together aficionados, those who are the most influential and who bring real added value to your business. They are also the ones who will be the least difficult to convince.

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