Keeping watch efficiently is organized on a daily basis. To do this, devote 20 to 30 minutes each day to your business intelligence. To ensure  Tonga Email List efficient and effective monitoring, apply a 6-step method : 1 – Establish your monitoring priorities in order to carry out effective business intelligence First, you need to frame your strategic watch by defining its scope. To do this, determine the significant keywords to guide your monitoring tools. Then, to do your strategic watch, organize them around a general axis and several specific axes. Limit yourself to 2 or 3 specific axes so that they maintain their effectiveness. 2 – Check the reliability of your sources to make valid business intelligence.

The step of selecting the sources that will feed your business intelligence is essential. Indeed, it guarantees the validity of the elements resulting from your strategic watch. One effective technique is to cross sources. Newsletters, sites, Twitter, Lindekin, content curators like Scoopit… take your pick, there are many watch sources. However, before validating a source to watch, systematically verify the identity and seriousness of the authors as well as the veracity of the facts exposed. 3 – Centralize your information to make optimized business intelligence As you will have understood, it is easy to drown in the face of the multiplication of sources and monitoring tools. Once the selection of sources has been made comes the challenge of monitoring. In order to consolidate your business intelligence, rely on RSS feed aggregators such as Feedly.

Establish Your Monitoring Priorities In Order To Carry Out Effective Business Intelligence

Easy to learn, they allow you to access all the results of your strategic watch from several sources via a single space. On the other hand, to gain in efficiency, do not hesitate to constitute your own dashboard by devoting a tab to each strategic axis of your watch, defined in advance. 4 – Find your rhythm to make strategic watch pleasantly There are no rules on this subject. Everyone must do their business intelligence at their own pace and find their own daily ritual. Slot, time … it’s up to you to decide according to your preferences, your requirements by determining the most suitable times for use. 5 – Doing business intelligence is above all about creating value Ensuring strategic watch cannot be considered statically. To maximize its value and contribution,


you must necessarily reprocess the interesting information from your monitoring tools. First, provide your analysis and your added value by annotating and commenting on the results of your monitoring. The other part of capitalizing on your strategic watch and taking advantage of it is to transmit and share the analysis and the lessons you learn from it . 6 – Constantly challenge to make an optimized strategic watch Doing business intelligence is dynamic work that cannot stop. It is a cycle that should be continuously optimized. To do this, regularly question the strategic axes you have chosen for your strategic watch. Check that they are really strategic and that they are really useful to you. Finally, verify that your sources and feeds are still valid. You want to build your competitive strategy thanks to a structured and efficient competitive and strategic watch .

Check The Reliability Of Your Sources To Make Valid Business Intelligence

Offering the possibility of purchasing via mobile has become essential. Also, it is necessary to privilege the development of a responsive website or an application. In order to determine the best channel to promote the purchase, make your choice first and foremost based on the technical need. The first decision factor is the display speed that your solution offers. The issue of speed directly impacts the impression of fluidity (on the site or on the mobile) and therefore the experience of your customers. It is thus a major element of reinsurance that nurtures the confidence of your customers. The second decision factor is Google SEO. The latter now adopts a mobile first perspective and promotes e-commerce sites accessible on mobile.

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