Where the municipality of Velsen may post messages with the Hungary Phone Number List permission of administrators (for example: ‘You are IJmuidenaar als..’ with 21000 members or ‘Mooi Velserbroek’ with 6200 members). This allowed them to reach a large part of the inhabitants. How Hungary Phone Number List did the communications team and mayor prepare?  This input came from internal corona working groups, but also from environmental analyses. This included issues that emerged through (social) media, website visits and questions asked by residents to the KCC.

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He holds individual interviews, visits companies, attends Hungary Phone Number meetings at all kinds of organizations and ensures that people know that he is the point of contact and offers a listening ear. Unfortunately, due to the corona crisis, he can no longer make his visits. Meanwhile, the need to talk to each other remains. The Facebook live sessions give the opportunity Hungary Phone Number List to stay in touch with residents easily With 40,000 views, the live stream shown reached a large part of the inhabitants. The live stream was posted on the municipal Facebook account. This page already has more than 10,000 followers. The livestream was also shared in closed Facebook groups,

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Mayor Dales provided a total of 5 live streams about corona. The Hungary Phone Number List municipality of Velsen can look back on highly interactive and successful sessions. Watch the first live session here. Mayor Frank Dales in conversation with residents Posted by Municipality of Hungary Phone Number List Velsen on Tuesday, March 31, 2020 Cyclemedia did a short interview with the municipality of Velsen. Why did the mayor of Velsen choose Facebook?  Mayor Dales likes to interact directly with residents. Normally he likes to go out to see and hear what is going on in his congregation.

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