Many companies say the same thing: Content is the key to attracting people to your site. Maybe you’ve tried it yourself and you’ve probably come  Ecuador Cell Phone Numbers List to the conclusion: creating great content takes time!
But how about getting traffic without having to think about it and write an article? What is this technique? Promoting articles through sharing! How to generate traffic by republishing your articles?
You’ve worked hard on creating a great article so why not share it on platforms that have more users than your website?

Think it’s too much work or just don’t know how? Don’t worry, I’ll walk you through this sharing process. Here are the different steps you will need to follow: Find the right content to share, Promote this content, Optimize your content to attract more traffic or to convert, Make sharing your content work for you.
Why should content promotion be part of your digital strategy? Promoting your content is, without a doubt, one way to generate traffic to your website .

But why is it so effective? If you are dedicated to trying to create the best content on a specific topic (and you should), this process can be extremely time consuming. Think back to the last article you wrote. How long did it take you? 1h? 2h? More? Even if you are a writing genius and publish articles in a short period of time, this is the time that you use to only reach a few hundred if not thousands of people if you are lucky.

How To Generate Traffic By Republishing Your Articles?

Even if you work so hard to create great content, why not make this one work for you too? This is when content re-publishing comes into play. When you promote your content that you’ve worked so hard on, you make it available to more people .

Finally, there are 2 other advantages of publishing your content on other sites: You create a relationship with the managers of other sites (if you post as a guest),You create inbound links (or backlinks) from sites with great authority . These links improve your natural referencing (SEO).
But you might also have heard of this myth that sharing content can penalize you on Google ..?

The myth of Google’s penalty for sharing contentUninformed people say that reposting your content on other platforms can hurt your SEO.I can understand the logic behind this thought. These people think that reposting an article on another site creates duplicate content. And as we have already seen, duplicate content can, indeed, penalize you.


But, unless you’re spamming Google’s bots by reposting and appropriating other people’s content, you should be fine.The only “negative” impact of re-posting your content is that Google might not know which content to prioritize and might rank higher content posted on a site with high authority rather than content posted on your own site. But you’re in luck, there is a beacon to counter this!

The use of the “canonical” tag This is an HTML tag that lets Google robots know what content to classify in its search results.

You just need to place this link (or pass it through the site administrator) in the re-published version of your article, indicating the original version (the one on your site). Here are a few more tips to make sure the original version ranks higher than the shared one:

Why Should Content Promotion Be Part Of Your Digital Strategy?

Wait before promoting an article on another platform. Waiting one or more weeks before sharing your article allows Google robots to index your page . Once this deadline has passed, you can re-publish your article on other sites.Change 20% – 25% of the content. It’s not an exact science but some sites ask for it anyway.

Choose a different title. While this doesn’t have a huge SEO impact, this is a great opportunity to test what your audience likes and dislikes.In any case, re-publishing its content is an element allowing you to obtain more inbound links (backlinks) which is always good for your natural referencing.Now that I’ve convinced you to share your content and explained why you won’t be penalized, let’s see how in part 2 of this article!


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