YouTube is not only a platform for viewing videos, it is also a very powerful search engine which makes it easy for you to find these videos. In this guide you Finland Email List will find in detail how to optimize the visibility of your videos by working their SEO. About 2 billion people use YouTube every month – billions of hours spent watching videos every day. For businesses and brands this represents a huge opportunity to broaden the reach of their message by adopting cohesive video content strategies. In order to reach this audience of YouTube users, it is necessary to optimize the visibility of the videos you post by working on their SEO. The goal is to get them to appear as high as possible in YouTube’s keyword research results.

In a previous article, we detailed how to optimize your YouTube channel . Now we would like to explain step by step how to improve the SEO of your YouTube videos . As an SEO strategy traditional, your YouTube SEO strategy must begin with an analysis of searches typed by Internet users in the YouTube search engine. The goal is to identify the research that you think is relevant to your brand and on which your video content strategy will focus. To do this, we recommend that you use the suggestions that the YouTube search engine offers natively. For example, if you are a brand specializing in cosmetic products, you can see below that the term “face cream” is often associated with “homemade face cream”, “black skin face cream” or even “skin face cream. bold ”,

Analyze popular videos

which can give you ideas for creating content and topics to cover in your videos. youtube search suggestions In addition to the suggestions offered by the search engine, we encourage you to enrich your list of keywords using specialized tools such as or Ahrefs which will offer additional keyword ideas and especially the search volumes , either how many times per month the keywords are searched in YouTube. Bonus tip : the YouTube algorithm transcribes what is spoken orally in the videos . Therefore, we recommend that you use the identified search terms in your videos in order to optimize your visibility in the YouTube SERPs (search results pages).


Analyze the keyword suggestions offered by the YouTube search engine Use SEO tools to identify other keywords and their search volume Make sure these search phrases are cited orally in your videos Content optimization Once your target keywords are identified, it’s time for the essential part when it comes to SEO namely the content. On YouTube, the optimization of the content of your video is done through several elements: Description: you are strongly advised to provide a long description for your videos in order to provide as much additional information as possible compared to what is said in the video, but also to help the YouTube search engine to make you visible . Don’t forget to include the keywords you have listed in your

Keyword research

Links to sequences: if you are posting a long video, consider improving the user experience and offering links in your description that lead directly to specific moments in your video. This type of link is often found in music videos over an hour long, such as the Boiler Room. youtube video sequence links The title: optimizing the title of your video remains essential if you want to be visible. So remember to integrate the main keyword within your title. YouTube also offers the possibility of adding clickable hashtags in your title to accentuate the theme of your video. youtube title hashtag Location: If you are targeting a local audience based in a specific geographic area, you can mention it verbally in your video and add it verbatim within the description.

The transcription of your videos: In order to widen the reach of your videos, you can add a transcription by integrating subtitles. Note that YouTube offers automatic subtitles in other languages ​​but these are not necessarily optimized. So think about rereading them or offering your own subtitles manually. The interest generated by your videos is a key factor for your visibility. Contrary to popular belief, the number of views is taken less and less into account by the algorithm because it is easily manipulated. This is why YouTube prioritizes the quality of the videos posted by measuring the engagement generated. To measure the quality of your videos, you need to monitor these metrics: Viewing time: the time that Internet users spend on your videos is a good indicator to assess their quality.

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