See you in the new year, new practices and good resolutions! Unfortunately, the enthusiasm at the start of the year often leaves room for UAE Email List demotivation. We quickly forget our good will! This year will be different because you can count on the ISM to help you meet your challenges in 2019 and make their profits last. 1 – Reclaim your fundamental skills in the digital age Many people fear the arrival of digital for fear of an upheaval in their habits and questioning their practices. At the limit, digital is a great opportunity to reaffirm your added value and your differentiating skills. Take this opportunity to take stock of your expertise in order to determine what makes and will make you successful in the face of the challenges of your customers and prospects. In 2019,

take the time to identify what makes you a competent and different salesperson that brings value to their customer. I consolidate my skills by training myself in fundamental sales techniques . 2 – Improve relations with the marketing department Of course, this is not original, but relations between marketers and salespeople are sometimes strained. Indeed, there is often a lack of understanding between these professionals who do not always manage to get along. Unfortunately, to continue like this is to deprive yourself of a great performance lever. If you have to be convinced of it: according to a study carried out in 2010 by the Aberdeen group, the implementation of a Smarketing approach would increase the turnover of the companies concerned by 20% per year! Better collaboration would allow salespeople,

1 – Reclaim Your Fundamental Skills In The Digital Age

in particular, to refine their prospecting techniques and, conversely, marketers to obtain field feedback on customer knowledge. In 2019, optimize your performance by aligning your objectives with the marketing department. Find out how to set up best practices with your company’s sales department . 3 – Become more impactful in prospecting thanks to social selling Have you heard of it before, but are you skeptical about its effectiveness? Be careful because in the digital age, it is becoming increasingly risky to do without the new prospecting tools at your disposal. Indeed, your customers are now waiting for you, too, on this channel. They want to benefit from a personalized and efficient relationship from the first contact.


In 2019, adopt good social selling practices to improve your prospecting and strengthen the engagement of your prospects. There are training courses to help you learn these new techniques . 4 – Improve its commercial performance thanks to digital technologies Approach digital as the opportunity to focus on the tasks for which you have real added value. Make digital tools accelerators of your commercial approaches, facilitators of human contact. In this perspective, thanks to the automation techniques of your business processes , if they are well controlled and well measured, multiply the contacts and increase your physical meetings. New digital technologies must, above all,

2 – Improve Relations With The Marketing Department

remain additives to personalized human relations. In 2019, rely on digital tools to free up more time on strategic missions with high added value. Set up digital techniques to find more new prospects . 5 – Optimize the monitoring and management of its commercial performance Monitoring one’s actions is sometimes a neglected step, although the gains associated with good monitoring management are numerous. Analyzing your data, building and supplying dashboards are essential good practices for improving your performance and actions. Optimizing customer loyalty, increasing efficiency, strengthening customer relations… you don’t need to be a data scientist to use data to your advantage .

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