Manage stress, a daily necessity No sooner have you pushed open the door of your business than a squadron of thoughts assails you. How many Equatorial Guinea Email List emails are waiting for you, in addition to the three hundred and fifty-four untreated others? What unexpected lurks behind your office door? Which fire are you going to have to extinguish in an emergency? How to tell him that “the day before yesterday” no longer exists? What are the risks of saying what’s on my mind? At what time is the appointment with the pediatrician already? After a great inspiration (of desperation), you finally push the door of your business. A new day begins! A new day… trying to manage stress! A question then arises: is this state of stress, renewed daily, inevitable that you must suffer with tears in your eyes and rage in your stomach?

The answer is obviously NO because effective and concrete solutions exist to soften, organize and alleviate your daily stress. Finding the trigger to manage your stress It all starts with awareness and an ultimatum. A realization that it cannot go on like this indefinitely and that all of these stressors are eating away at you insidiously from the inside out. Closely followed by a compelling stress management ultimatum to put an end to this frantic race for time, perfection and unreason. So, you will tell me, what solutions to limit your stress? What tools, clicks, keys, rules and anti-stress behaviors are to be adopted urgently to reduce the pressure and find a semblance of balance in your professional and personal life? The levers are multiple and will have to be added.

3rd Ritual – Lighten Your Life, Forget Your Stress

Because there is not a miracle solution to manage stress but micro-changes which, when taken together, can be really life-saving. Here are three anti-stress rituals to anchor every day or every week so that in the medium and long term you find serenity, resilience and inner strength. 1st ritual – Adopt the breathing of stress management: cardiac coherence. Why ? Its countless benefits on health, positive emotions and assertiveness have been confirmed by recent scientific research conducted on this subject. So why deny it! How long ? Three minutes a day is enough to limit stress. When ? As you wish: when you get up, at bedtime, in transport, in front of your computer How? ‘Or’ What ? Like a well-being metronome, the little bubble in the Respirelax application invites you to inhale on five beats then exhale on five beats for a few minutes.


Easy to use, this stress management ritual, if it is maintained for a minimum of 21 days, will offer you solid support in a situation of stress or stage fright and will allow you to manage your emotional escalations more calmly. 2nd ritual – Engage in Flow activities to reduce your stress Why ? These activities have the particularity of making you forget your daily worries. To anchor yourself in the present moment while disconnecting yourself from time-clock. And once performed fill you with a clear sense of satisfaction and well-being. When ? To put in your weekly or monthly planner and to maintain against all odds! How? ‘Or’ What ? They can be sporting, creative, social, family, etc. 3rd ritual – Lighten your life, forget your stress Why ? No more frenzy of always more ! Refocus on your essential missions. What?

2nd Ritual – Engage In Flow Activities To Reduce Your Stress

Learn how to empty your checklists by correctly identifying what is important, urgent and incidental. Limit stressors in this way. How? ‘Or’ What ? Management tools such as mind mapping and the Eisenhower matrix are proving to be extremely effective against stress. Otherwise called mind map, mnd Mapping excels in synthesizing, organizing, infusing and memorizing information while the matrix helps you prioritize the actions to be taken to achieve your goals without stress. When ? Everyday ! To go further and test the tools, register for the training Managing your daily stress , led by Sophie Machot, trainer, coach and author of the books “Cultivate your happiness!” “And” Not even afraid! ” Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

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