Discover the approach of Caroline Marchal, National Sales Director, Petit Navire to encourage the commercial performance of its Rwanda Email List sales force team. Caroline Marchal, National Sales Director, Petit Navire is a manager committed to its teams who seeks above all to achieve and celebrate collective successes. She shares with us her approach to encourage the commercial performance of her sales force team. What major changes have affected the sales profession in recent years? The salesperson is now a true expert in his sector, in his products and has a recommendation role with the common objective of developing the category. In addition, the PDM (market share) war between the different brands requires us to be creative and specific for each of our customers.

What challenges are your teams facing? The main challenge for my teams is, in my opinion, the ability to adapt . My teams are faced with a changing external environment with, for example, the establishment in 2019 of the EGA (General Food Conditions) which impacts the promotion and prices of our products and therefore the demands of our customers. We also have internal ambitions: Since September 2016 we have been present in fresh with the Petit Navire brand, in particular on smoked salmon and rillettes products. My teams had to learn to manage 2 different markets with, in one case the canned fish, an undisputed leadership position, and a role of challenger on the seafood caterer. We sell fish, a living raw material that it must be preserved,

What challenges are your teams facing?

and we must educate our customers and consumers on the importance of sourcing sustainably in order to respect marine resources. The labels that we have on our products such as MSC ( sustainable fishing ) or ASC ( sustainable aquaculture ) or even the mention “responsible approach” are the materialization of our commitments. My Sales Managers are also impacted by turnover, and the management of a younger population that must be successfully engaged and retained. How do you adapt your management to mobilize your teams to lead new projects and achieve collective success? I have a participative management style and a key decision-making role, particularly in terms of organization. My level of requirement is as much focused on the results as on the know-how.


Above all, I value people because I believe a lot in the fact that this contributes to developing our performance and commitment. Of course, we have training plans on sales techniques, change management and management. From a business point of view, each salesperson has SMART objectives adapted to his sector. It is particularly motivating because it can thus follow its evolution and the concrete results of its actions via the Nielsen panels. We also reward the best team and the 3 best sales representatives with a 4-day trip all together in Europe. In addition, to celebrate our collective successes and launch the year, we go with the headquarters in convention each year, in January.

How do you see the commercial in the coming decades?

This year, we had the chance to go to Malaga with the goal of being all united towards 2019! When I took over, I spent a day in the countryside with my team with 2 objectives: getting to know each other better and working together on our operating contract. We came out of this meeting with a common vision and roadmap. What, in your opinion, are the keys to success in dealing with changes in distribution? Do you encourage the use of new tools within your teams? We have to adapt to consumption patterns. French consumers fragment their shopping and have specific features such as their attachment to the Drive, organic brands or local brands.

We must therefore support our distributor customers in their developments. To face these new challenges, we use internally a CRM tool on which it is possible to chat and share our information. How do you see the commercial in the coming decades? As a partnership even more linked to our distributor customers by supporting them in the development of their initiatives and circuits such as “Leclerc chez moi”. In the future, the sales teams must further strengthen their level of expertise, particularly with regard to customers. The salesperson of tomorrow will be even more digital and more informed to answer questions from his customers. And, who knows, maybe it will even be equipped with an autonomous car


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