Conducting negotiations with large accounts is a challenge. To optimize it, you first need to understand how it works, what your expectations Mexico Email List and priorities are. Preparing well is therefore an essential step in nurturing good relationships, effectively seizing leads and ultimately creating value. While interpersonal skills are essential for success, there are certain techniques that can help you become more successful. Master the different stages of negotiation with large accounts Effectively prepare for your interview: from relationships to value creation Optimize (face to face) your final result The advantages of the webinar: Discover a proven lead managemt process Practical advice to prepare well and argue with conviction Techniques to know Consultant-Trainer and Coach, expert in Sales, Negotiation, Leadership & Management with more than 15 years of experience in Management in France and internationally (XEROX, DELL Computer).

Growth hacking is one of the hottest marketing trends of recent years. Coming from the startup culture, the Growth Hacker is a new profession that you can easily integrate into your product or marketing teams. Translating the growth objective by the notion of “Growth”, the growth hacker is part of a rapid and sometimes “border” approach where all “hacks” are allowed, provided they improve the KPIs of the ‘business. So what is his profile? And above all, how to maximize the growth of your business thanks to this new approach? Here are all the answers to your questions. What is Growth Hacking?

4- Offer a free product or service to your customers

The term “Growth Hacking” was coined in 2010 by Sean Ellis, CEO and head of a number of startups that have achieved accelerated growth like Dropbox. It brings together all the agile techniques aimed at rapidly increasing the growth of a company through inexpensive actions, initially in a test & learn logic. Developing its web traffic, expanding its audience by automating its marketing actions, increasing its notoriety and generating more conversions to strengthen turnover, are all objectives of this new approach. At the crossroads of development, marketing and business development teams, Growth Hacking has established itself in recent years as a real discipline and as a “must have” for any company wishing to evolve rapidly.


Hyper agile, over-connected, data driven and flexible, the Growth Hacker will help you boost your visibility by going beyond traditional marketing practices and refocusing on ingenious tactics to grow in leaps and bounds! How to set up Growth Hacking? If this concept is new to you, it may seem difficult to dive into the deep end of hack to improvise Growth Hacker. Do not panic ! Here are 5 simple ideas to get started. The Growth Hacker, unlike traditional marketers, is only interested in stocks that can generate growth quickly. Setting a goal that is too broad could leave you confused. The ideal is therefore to reduce your work to smaller, manageable and achievable tasks in the form of a run (always in an agile approach). To do this, start by scoring your objectives in order of importance on your WebAnalytics tool, for example:

5- Think about sponsorship programs

You will then be able to better understand and analyze the behavior of your prospects to improve the quality of your pages according to their expectations and therefore the customer experience. Then, analyze your conversion funnels to identify the blocking step for your prospects and thus propose optimizations (all in the form of A / B test in order to multiply the success of your hacks). Meta descriptions and tags require special attention as they can influence the user’s decision as to whether or not to view your page. It is therefore important that this data is relevant and adapted to the content of your pages in order to lower your bounce rate. Nothing better than the Neil Patel tool for this . When your visitors land on your page, only quality content can retain them and get them to navigate your platform.

Statistics have shown that Internet users spend an average of more than 88% on sites that contain one or more videos. Now, marketing videos are no longer an option, they are essential to develop your business and to get people talking about you. To make sure you reap the benefits of this tactic, incorporate storytelling as much as possible. Thus, you will seduce your audience and create virality around your content. One of the most famous hacks is the creation of Hotmail! Refusing to do traditional advertising, one of its founders had the brilliant idea of ​​adding, at the bottom of each of his emails, “I love you… This email is sent to you for free by Hotmail. »A stroke of buzz or genius? Still, the hack worked and Hotmail was relaunched! In 18 months, Hotmail had 12 million users!

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