The proportion of Internet users consulting e-commerce sites every month continues to grow in France. Among the factors allowing an e-commerce to be Democratic Republic Of the Congo Email List more visible than its competitors, SEO and optimization of product sheets play a preponderant role. The e-commerce landscape in France The latest Médiamétrie e-commerce barometer for the 3rd quarter of 2019 in France shows that 43.6 million Internet users have browsed and consulted at least one e-commerce site appearing in the TOP 15 in France every month . Among the major players, we find unsurprisingly Amazon in pole position with 30.8 million monthly visitors, Cdiscount in second position with 20.1 million visitors and Fnac which completes the podium with 14 million unique visitors every month ( Source: Médiamétrie ) .

fevad 3rd quarter 2019 Of course, a large part of Internet users consult a good number of e-commerce sites outside the TOP 15, including yours perhaps. Today, despite the omnipotence of marketplaces and their desire to offer all types of products, the niche of niche sectors still benefits specialized e-commerce sites which rely heavily on a pragmatic SEO strategy to attract traffic and generate of sales . The product sheet in the DNA of e-commerce The majority of e-commerce sites in France or elsewhere are structured around three main page templates, which are the home page , the category page and the product sheet . Note that in more and more e-merchants, blog articles represent a fourth pillar essential to their digital strategy, provided they publish content frequently.

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SEO optimization steps for your product sheet In this guide produced by our SEO agency, we would like to detail step by step the elements to be taken into consideration and to be optimized in your product sheets for natural referencing. The goal is to improve their visibility by positioning them on relevant keywords in search engine results. Keyword analysis Through this first step we get straight to the heart of the matter since keyword analysis is the most important part of your SEO strategy . This step consists of identifying the keywords that we will target and on which we will make your product page visible in search engines. For example, the expression “argan face cream” is searched 10 times a month in Google France with a Keyword Difficulty of 59.02 / 100.


For this we advise you to use an SEO tool like SEM Rush . Next, let’s take a concrete example . Let’s say you run a cosmetics e-commerce store selling face creams . Faced with behemoths like Sephora and Amazon it will be difficult to appear on a highly sought after top tail keyword like “face cream”. With SEM Rush, you have the possibility of adopting a more pragmatic approach by targeting long tail keywords (expressions composed of at least 3 words) that are less sought after but on which the competition is also less stiff . Also, with these long tail keywords the user’s intention will be more specific and will make it easier to generate a sale. In other words, we will target searches where you have a chance to rank well and which will bring visitors back to your site .

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Last but not least, long tail searches are often expressions on which Google Ads ads are less present and give way to organic Google results. To identify this research with opportunities, SEM Rush proposes to set up filters. In our case we will target long tail searches composed of at least three words with a Keyword Difficulty score below 60. The Keyword Difficulty is a score on a scale of 100 calculated by SEM Rush which is used to determine if it It is difficult to position yourself on a particular keyword in Google (the closer the score is to zero, the easier it is to be visible). Long tail Creme Visage SEM Rush searches Long tail keywords related to “face cream” In the screenshot above, we’ve identified searches that are at least 3 words long with a low Keyword Difficulty.

The Volume column indicates how many times per month each keyword is searched in the search engine of Google France. The page title Once your keywords have been selected, you will need to proceed to the most impactful step for the SEO visibility of your product: the construction of the page title . The title is built using the HTML meta title tag and is included in Google’s SERPs through the famous blue links. Meta title argan face cream Tips for building your page title : Write your title in 78 characters maximum (maximum length allowed on mobile). Include important keywords as early as possible. Start the words with a capital letter to capture the attention of Internet users.

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