Amazon, the leading e-commerce market in France, registers thousands of new sellers every day who join the Amazon Seller Central French Business Email Database program. Only, proposing your offer on the marketplace does not mean that your products will be visible in the search results when an Internet user types in his search. Among the factors taken into account by Amazon to improve the visibility of your products, the optimization of the title is the most important because like Google, Amazon will analyze this element first to identify on which types of expressions your product is relevant. Let’s now decipher the steps to follow to optimize your product title and thus improve your SEO on Amazon .

Whether on Amazon or Google, every SEO strategy must start with a keyword analysis in order to define the expressions on which your product will be visible. To carry out your Amazon keyword research, there are fewer SEO tools than for the Google search engine, but the Ahrefs tool offers this functionality. All you have to do is go to the “Keywords Explorer” section, select “Amazon” as your search engine, your country and type in the desired expression. Note that data relating to other search engines such as YouTube is available. As shown in the screenshot above, the term “men’s long sleeve t shirt” is searched 150 times per month in the search engine of Amazon France. The higher the search volume, the more potential the keyword represents in terms of sales. It’s up to you to select the most relevant keywords according to your product offering.

Amazon Title Optimization

Also remember to orient your selection towards long tail keywords with a lower search volume but behind which hides a very specific purchase intention leading to a high conversion rate. Amazon Title Optimization Once your list of keywords has been established, we advise you to integrate the most important in your title which will be the first element taken into account by Amazon’s algorithm. However, as our Amazon SEO guide mentions, your product title must follow a specific format. Here are the best practices for building your Amazon title. If your title is too long, your product will receive an alert from Amazon which will prevent you from publishing it on the marketplace. In order to build an optimized product title, we recommend that you make the most of the authorized length.


According to the tests of our Amazon experts , we advise you to build your title in 200 characters including spaces by placing your most important keywords among the first 70 characters in order to avoid that they are located in the part of the title hidden on mobile. Title format Your product title on Amazon should start with the brand name followed by the product name. If a model number is associated with the product, do not hesitate to integrate it afterwards. For example: Samsung Galaxy S10 Unlocked 4G Mobile Smartphone. amazon title samsung s10 The product title starts with the brand and then is followed by the product name optimized as a keyword with “smartphone” “portable” and “unlocked”

Keyword Analysis

As shown in the screenshot above, each essential characteristic that makes up your product must be separated by a choice: a dash , a comma or a pipe «| ” On the other hand, unlike the example of the Galaxy S10, it is advisable to start each word with a capital letter . Other tips Other good practices may apply depending on the situation. Use “and” instead of the ampersand “&” If the size is an essential component of the product and corresponds to an SEO search, do not hesitate to display it in the title as is very much the case in the world of bed linen amazon title duvet cover The phrase “duvet cover 140 × 200” is searched 4000 times per month in

You will understand, whether you operate an SEO strategy on Amazon or Google, the title of your page or product is the key element that will indicate to search engines on which keywords you will be visible. Once your Amazon keyword analysis is done, consider incorporating the most important ones in the first 70 characters that make up your title while respecting the format detailed in the article. Other elements complementary to the product title must be optimized in order to obtain the perfect product sheet for SEO. We invite you to consult the infographic that we have produced on this subject.

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