The telecommuting , the ability to perform job duties outside the premises of his company, is a practice increasingly common. This trend South Korea Email List should gain momentum because employers must now justify their refusal. However, staying efficient by working away from home cannot be improvised. This implies a particular organization and adapted practices. Here are some tips to calmly approach this new way of working Prepare and frame your teleworkingKnow the teleworking charter of your company.Protect their data with their employer and respect for their privacy in the event of teleworking . Define the challenges and requirements of teleworking with your employer. Clarify its duties and responsibilities and those of its employees.

Obtain the support of his team and legitimize his teleworking. Organize a face-to-face and telework schedule. Work in good conditions by teleworking Arrange your workspace according to the principles of ergonomics. Have optimal technical conditions: dedicated office, good seating, large screen … Sequencing your day by telecommuting . Don’t get sidetracked. Fight procrastination. Preserve the balance between private and professional life. Manage relationships with those around them. Fight against isolation, keep in touch. Manage the distance with your team and your manager Rely on collaborative work tools: video conference, wiki, shared documents, etc. Practice active listening at a distance. Use collaborative tools for user-friendly remote meetings: WebEx, GoToMeeting; Google Hangouts …

The method, tools and best practices to get started in creating personas

Regularly organize high-quality individual exchanges. Set up regular and adapted reports. Are you already working or will soon be working from home? Take good habits ! Whether it is to better understand our customers, design user friendly interfaces, identify user journeys or even develop new products or services, personas are very effective strategic tools. Our advice for: Create better performing personas Outsmart the common mistakes that sometimes make personas unusable Implement an iterative methodology The advantages of the webinar Concrete examples adapted to both B2B and B2C A consultant who frequently leads persona workshops Easy-to-use practical advice Samantha Noyon has been a consultant and trainer in digital communication strategy for 10 years. Also passionate about design thinking and creative brainstorming techniques,


she is regularly called upon to design strategic workshops and innovative framework tools for her clients. In particular, it launched Nestor in February 2019, the first card game dedicated to brand content. We are expecting many of you, register ! ISM has been able to build tailor-made training according to our expectations as Manager at HUB ONE Mobility. What do you think are the three good reasons to get certified at the ISM? A nationally recognized certification, Very experienced speakers in the same area of ​​expertise, A program adapted to our demand and need. What has this certification changed for you? A much more agile daily practice as a Manager. This certification reinforced my management convictions in a “benevolent” way.

Webinar: how to aim for ambitious growth with Growth Hacking?

This certification reinforced my management convictions. What is your fondest memory of this training course? Several beautiful memories come to mind. From a more personal point of view, it is surely the passage in front of my peers, during the certification, where I felt particularly comfortable in the exercise. If you had to sum up your experience at ISM in one word? Enriching. Discover the program of the course leading to certification in management , eligible for the CPF. Setting up aggressive growth depends on two things: State of mind and Process! Does that still seem nebulous to you? Don’t worry, come to our webinar to see more clearly and discover:

How to build your Growth Machine with a hacker mindset Where to go for growth The advantages of the webinar The case study of a Start-up having raised more than 20 million euros Analysis of metrics from 2,000 experiments carried out in 2018 by our experts Practical advice to get started Grégory Gambatto, growth Hacker, keynote speaker, author of “Growth hacking” published by Dunod will share his expertise and advice from the support of more than 40 startups and 80 “traditional” companies (including La Poste, Unilever, Natixis or Verspieren). We are expecting many of you, register ! It made it easier for me to grasp conflict situations.

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