The salesperson has a primordial role in the customer relationship, in particular in the realization of the act of purchase. To achieve this, it is not enough Jamaican Email Addresses to be a good salesperson but to have a global approach to your customer relationship. Objectives of the webinar: Define the key stages of the customer relationship and their support Design a virtuous circle of customer relationship management: before, during, after Combine business practices and management of customer relationship emotions The advantages of the webinar: Advice to combine conquest and recommendation. Good practices to reconcile its objectives and the pressure of customer reviews Sandrine FOURNIER, independent consultant, Sales and Management trainer. It supports the development of salespeople’s skills, particularly through the prism of customer relations. She trains them to become their brand ambassador.

As Nicolas Savin says, his professional career is made up of “delicious combinations of circumstances, provoked or not”. Eternal sports lover, he started at Decathlon. After an experience at Ernst & Young, he created his start-up, joined the Henner group and then Malakoff Mederic. Diversified, her professional development is a subtle mix of numerous encounters, a good ability to seize opportunities and great sensitivity, allowing her to follow her favorites. You have been Digital Director (CDO) & Customer Experience (CXO) of the Malakoff Humanis group for almost 2 years, what have been your main challenges? During my integration, my priority was to create the direction of the customer experience and to optimize the digital direction.

What qualities / skills are you looking for in your teams?

I wanted to very quickly merge the two departments into one, echoing the changes in our customers’ practices and our maturity on these subjects. Bringing together these two themes in the same service reflects this strong message that our customers have several experiences on several contact channels. Our solutions must therefore position the customer at the heart of our thinking and respond to uses rather than the “digital only” effect. Subsequently, the merger with Humanis renewed these same issues by linking them now to merger challenges: launch of a common site, updating and unification of customer areas … Our priority then fell on the mapping of our customer journeys and their pain points to identify the priorities of tomorrow. Reflex essential to define the right customer experience, the ambition of a group on the subject and the effort to achieve it.


I am also faced with a permanent challenge since I started doing this job: everyone has an opinion on digital subjects. It’s even more meaningful for the customer experience. We are more challenged in our proposals than any other service. Indeed, we all rightly see ourselves as a customer. From this perspective, it can be complex to give an “arbitrary” direction, linked to customer expectations and to company expertise, while taking into account all the opinions and constraints on the subject. It is a position that you have to know how to assume and hold. Finally, all these challenges are accompanied by human issues, in particular the recruitment of talent. In order to attract and install these new professions of design and customer experience, we must continually work on our aura and our power of seduction.

What innovations do you particularly believe in and want to deploy in the future?

What are your main challenges, faced with new customer requirements? Why is digital an opportunity in this perspective? Due to the digital maturity of their environment, our customers’ expectations are as high for our sector as for other more innovative ones. There is no differentiation in uses. The challenge for the insurance sector is to catch up as quickly as possible for the delay that may have accumulated in the digitalization of its interactions. However, we must keep in mind that the health subject that we are carrying is terribly anxiety-provoking and requires elements of reassurance that cannot be transmitted in full digital. The right customer experience must imperatively combine digital and “physical” channels to successfully hybridize our customer relationship .

What are the 2 or 3 pillars to guarantee the added value of digital for your customers? We must respect, above all, four basic guiding principles: reliability, responsiveness, simplicity and clarity. We must be able to capitalize on these standards in order to move forward on other issues. Once our customers recognize our expertise on these elements, we can enhance our customer experience on other complementary principles. These fundamentals are our essentials, they are the “glitter” of our customer experience. Fluidity, simplicity, personalization… the challenges and expectations of digital are ever greater. How do you go about staying the course on a realistic strategy? Digital and customer experience are sectors that are constantly renewing themselves and in which real skills in these new professions are still scarce. Inevitably, these areas are expensive.


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