To improve the customer experience, it is not enough to change the course, and to monitor customer satisfaction … Too often underestimated, the promise Kuwait Email List nevertheless largely conditions the customer’s perception and his final satisfaction. Indeed, it determines the experience and perception of your customers upstream of the journeys and satisfaction measures. Objectives of the webinar: Identify good practices to communicate, in fact, a promise Evaluate the risks and opportunities of the promise internally and externally Ensure the relevance of the promise and its operational soundness The advantages of the webinar: a key subject of the customer experience to be addressed without fail real-life examples to illustrate the point an operational approach focused on your action Speaker detail = introduce yourself in one sentence

Hélène Duneigre, Consultant and Customer Experience trainer, with an operational approach resulting from 30 professional years focused on customer excellence and business performance. Sign up to find out more!From the start of his career, Guillaume de Laforcade moved internationally and then joined the agri-food sector. He cut his teeth at La Martiniquaise, a major step in his career. He carried out his first managerial missions there and developed a mastery of the various distribution logics. After 7 years of fulfilling collaboration, he seizes the opportunity offered by the Castelain family: to occupy a strategic position within a mature and recognized group. As commercial director of the Castelain brewery for almost 7 years, what have been your main challenges?

What skills are you looking for in your sales teams?

I took over the commercial management of the Castelain brewery in 2013 in a favorable context where the beer market was on the rise again after dying years. My objective was therefore to relaunch “the machine”, and this resulted in several challenges: redesign our offer so that it is less dependent on the historic brand “Chtis” rework our range to gain consistency and attractiveness enhance the quality of our beer through an effective marketing and communication strategy in order to assert itself as a major player in specialty beers To carry out all these projects, I consolidated my sales team by recruiting talents and skills. From 5 employees, we have grown to a team of 20 people. Finally, my last challenge was to diversify our brand portfolio to boost our commercial strategy.


Jade, an organic brand that we launched in 1986, guaranteeing us real legitimacy in this segment Castelain, exceptional beer La Cadette (our latest product) dedicated to the hospitality management sector (hotels and restaurants) We are entering a new phase of the project and must now identify the right distribution channels to reach our customers and make them understand our approach and value proposition. La Cadette – Hotels & restaurants The Castelain brewery has just obtained the PME + label. What actions and values ​​translate this recognition? It all started with awareness and internal reflection. Indeed, our CSR commitments, although anchored in our economic model, were little known to our employees. By challenge, we therefore audited our practices, our traditions and our values. We have thus identified areas for improvement:

What skills are you looking for in your sales teams?

reduction of our water consumption, sustainability of partnerships, local supply, diversity, commercial equity with our customers, etc. Through this reflection, we wanted to involve our partners and communicate differently to our increasingly demanding consumers. It is this determination that challenged our collective ability to give value to our products, beyond their intrinsic quality. In addition, obtaining the PME + label was an internal success that nurtured a sense of pride within our teams. Have ethical commitments become a strategic business issue? Absolutely ! Still “confidential” in 2013, our CSR commitments are becoming increasingly important in our marketing strategy, thus following the organic trend. Many organic specialists, such as Biocoop, are very sensitive to these actions. It’s a new way to promote our products. Now, these values ​​permeate commerce, which to me is good news!

What major changes have affected the sales profession in recent years? Each decade has seen its share of developments. The most obvious is the hyper connectivity of the function, notably through the digitization of media on tablets and linked to CRM tools . The salesperson has thus gained in reactivity vis-à-vis his client and his company. From now on, he can no longer limit himself to an execution profession but appears as a real partner. What challenges are your sales teams facing? It is clear that the hypermarket makes consumers less vibrate. We have therefore reoriented our roadmaps to give more importance and attention to supermarkets and convenience stores. The redefinition of strengths within the sector, the rise of drive and e-commerce, require our team to adapt. It is essential to follow the evolution of practices, technique and terrain.

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