Since January 31, 2017, a new feature has entered Google AdWords: the IF function. Appeared at the same time as the switch from text ads to large format, this new function allows you to personalize your advertisements even more . Now your message adapts when a specific condition is met. At the time of personalization, the IF function comes at the right time to boost your ads and reach your target more. How to use the IF function? We will explain everything to you ! How does it work? This new feature only affects text ads (now large format) that appear on the Google Search Network (Search). The IF function then makes it possible to broadcast a personalized message when a specific condition is met. With the exception of the final URL, all fields of the advertisement can be personalized (title and description).

The ads displayed are therefore completely adapted to your target audience depending on the device used and the type of audience. How to set up the IF function? For the moment, only two targets can be configured: the device and the type of audience. The condition to be fulfilled may relate to the type of device used, the time, the audience, the gender or the age. Google AdWords IF function targets compatible Source : Google As you can see above, the El Salvador Phone Number List of the IF function are enclosed in braces. Then just add your message instead of “: default text” (“: default text”). How to take advantage of the IF function? Concretely, the IF function can allow you to personalize your message according to the type of device used by the Internet user. You can thus adapt your ad to mobile or computer users.

How to set up the IF function?

In this example, computer users are encouraged to buy the shoes immediately; the purchasing context is favorable. On the other hand, we offer an incentive offer to mobile users who would be more reluctant to make their purchase from a tablet or smartphone. This personalized message is very relevant! Here is another example with an IF function applied to users who abandon their cart. The message sent to them is all the more incentive here to finalize their purchase. Google AdWords IF audience function Source : Google To attract and seduce users, Google is developing more and more personalized ads in its AdWords campaigns. The IF function is added to a series of functionalities in this direction. So, countdown timers, ad customizers, keyword insertion tool, and the latest IF feature are all great conversion tools. Don’t hesitate to talk to our SEA experts !


Google AdWords IF function example device Source : Google Here, computer users will see a “Buy Now” message, while mobile users will get “Free delivery for all mobile orders”. We know that Internet purchases are made more via a computer rather than a mobile. We share our portfolio of bloggers and influencers with our clients . 8 / Brand Content and The is to bring value to customers by combining products and services. This trend is accelerating in 2018 through connected objects. So one of the new Louis Vuitton watches includes a city ​​guide ! This precious collection of addresses, in hard copy at home, can be consulted from your wrist. Not only does your watch tell the time, but it also offers you to discover wonderful places according to the time and geolocation. Provide signals of confidence to users about the extraction and use of their data.

How to take advantage of the IF function?

It is a significant turning point in usage. In their shopping journey, Millennials are on their mobile in-store. They are looking for a comprehensive experience . Daniel CEO of and Brand Content Institute, recently published an expanded version of his excellent book, Brand Content Strategy . According to him, in 2018, it is essential that brands deploy a “ content ecosystem ”. He explains that we must not neglect to combine digital. For example, you can edit a reference book on your brand or organize an exhibition. Luxury and fashion brands have started the trend recently. Some of them even show up in museums! More modest brands are following suit. They use their story in a Brand Content strategy, in order to strengthen their storytelling . It is with this in mind, for example, that the stores of the Tang Brothers have published their book The Tang Book .

Do not disconnect digital brand content from the rest of real life, as the two intersect more and more. Is a global digital strategy agency . Your last good resolution 2018? Isn’t it to meet with us to talk about your projects? It is also on this cover image that users should be told to tap the photo to activate it. Uses have changed dramatically over the past year. The Facebook pixel and events Standard events have another advantage. Thanks to the Facebook pixel, they target visitors who have visited your site, in particular product pages for example. It is also possible to target Internet users who have purchased an item and thus suggest an accessory that could complement it. Be sure to choose all the products you want to promote. Configure your audience, budget, placement and schedule. Finally, choose the advertising format: carousel, single image or collection .

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