Automatic prospecting and qualitative commercial performance, incompatible concepts? Testimonial from Romain Cornu, marketing director Cocos Islands Keeling Email List and co-founder of Datananas . In many industries, when there is a strong link between the product / service and the end customer or when the average basket is high, it seems inappropriate, not to say unthinkable, to remove the human dimension from the sale. The fear of losing this link with the prospect very logically leads some professionals to show skepticism, even mistrust, towards the techniques of automation of the commercial process. Difficult to combine the diversity of tasks and sales performance Before founding Datananas , my associates and I were trading for SaaS software vendors. At the time, we were already using mass prospecting methods but with the means at hand …

For lack of a really suitable tool (or totally overpriced) we were forced to abuse e-mail marketing tools intended for the sending e-mails to addresses believed to have been collected with the consent of the recipient. In fact, we had to constantly change the sending address and the sending domain on a fairly regular basis to avoid being classified as spam. Beyond the technical pitfalls, it made it very difficult to follow up on responses since we had to juggle our different e-mail accounts, platforms and identities. Noting that our efforts were affected by our sales performance, we decided to design and then market on a large scale a 360 ° prospecting platform capable of solving these operational issues in order to allow 2.0 salespeople to focus on their real added value: advise and sell.

Difficult To Combine The Diversity Of Tasks And Sales Performance

Digital tools, new allies of commercial performance? We therefore undertook the development of a platform capable of industrializing B2B prospecting as a whole by streamlining each step of the process and which makes it possible to engage prospects in omnichannel sequences. To date, we support more than 150 companies of various types, ranging from hyper-growing startups to the CAC40 Group. All use the new version of Datananas Outbound which includes, among other things, a VOIP telephony module making Datananas the single point of entry for all outbound leads of our users. This is particularly the case with Yuco, which offers to organize sports or cultural activities between employees of the same company in just a few clicks. Optimize sales performance by maximizing team time by automating their prospecting Testimonial from Charlelie Vallet, Co-founder of Yuco Hello,


my name is Charlelie Vallet, I am the co-founder of Yuco in charge of business development. I have always been convinced that cold calls are a waste of time and energy for sales people, and therefore money for the company. It was only by connecting our CRM to phone call tracking software that I was able to quantify the extent of the damage. This shock prompted me to review the entire organization of our sales team. Adoption of new habits and new processes for better sales performance From a horizontal structure where each sales team supported the leads, from prospecting to closing, we moved to a vertical model oriented “ Activity-Based Selling ” and we adopted LRM (Lead Relationship Management) software to automate and delegate all our prospecting.

Adoption Of New Habits And New Processes For Better Sales Performance

Where previously it was necessary to mobilize a team, a single person can independently engage all of our prospects in highly personalized sequences. Emails sent are not intended to sell. The objective is to contact each lead, to make a quick presentation of our value proposition (no more than ⅔ lines) and to propose a telephone meeting. In the event of no response, the leads are automatically re-launched within 3 to 5 days. The “hot” leads are distributed among the sales staff who then proceed to an initial qualification call. Their file is updated in our Salesforce without requiring any intervention on our part. Uninterested parties are removed from the sequence and will not be contacted again. Thus, we always respect the choices of our prospects and this allows us to be in good standing with the

What are the benefits for sales performance? Beyond the gain in time and productivity observed in sales who no longer make the slightest cold call, opting for LRM software allowed me to refine my quarterly forecasts and gave me a feeling of control. my unprecedented activity . Before, we were doomed to wait to make the right phone call to find a prospect. Now, knowing my conversion rate and therefore the number of leads needed to generate a new customer, I can, with a simple calculation, determine the number of leads to integrate into my prospecting pipeline to achieve my goals.. This is of course not an exact science and the results also depend on the quality of the databases used. On this point, Datananas stands out as a partner of choice by providing us with reliable lists of prospects located in our.

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