The third edition of Inbound Marketing France opened this morning at the des Jacobins in Rennes. A day dedicated to digital marketing in a historic location in the Breton capital. Co-founder of, Wade Foster presents his Azerbaijan WhatsApp Number List created in 2011 with Bryan and Mike Knoop. Its particularity: works on the remote work system. If this method was not the norm when the company was launched, managed to impose it. Today, the company has more than 270 employees in 27 countries, and all of its employees work remotely, without an office. The company relies on values ​​based on transparency and the empathy of its employees, while regularly collecting their feedback, to improve its organization. Uses tools like Google Docs, Zoom for meetings, Jira, Slack, as a virtual office, or even, for important company announcements. The last piece of advice from Wade Foster.

To create links between collaborators with remote work, organize dance parties! ” Co-founder of Chitchat, Simon warns: “ we are living at the end of an era for brands “. We are experiencing an acceleration in new technological revolutions, with the establishment of the web in 20 years and mobile for ten years. Access to technological innovation, to capital, to raise funds during the creation of a company, to talents, with the freelancing system which has become widespread, or even working methods, such as agility which has become democratized, are all factors that have allowed this acceleration. So, how do you get more visibility for brands, in an era where the purchase of advertising space is exploding, while the click-through rate is collapsing, due to adblockers and the drop in Internet users’ attention to the campaigns offered? ? For Simon Robic, the solution is in the conversations.

Wade Foster: remote work connects personal life to work, the example of Zapier

These messaging applications, like Messenger, WhatsApp or Instagram direct, brings together 5 billion monthly active users. Today, brands need to integrate them into the marketing funnel. Digital transformation was the trend 5 years ago. At a time when consumers want transparency in the use of their data, while wanting a personalized shopping experience, the challenge for companies today is to effect their societal transformation. Blogger, speaker, evangelist, consultant and podcaster on Vlan, Grégory Pouy presents the 5 strategic challenges that brands will have to take up in 2020: the business model, to offer the product that precisely corresponds to the customer’s request, the social and environmental impact, the cellular organization, to highlight each cell of the company, the emotion to be put back at the center of the concerns and the management of the data.


This involves in particular restoring the confidence of employees, so that they in turn can find meaning in their work. After storytelling, companies are asked for “storydoing”. ” We expect brands to be courageous, to be committed, ” says Grégory Pouy. The values ​​and brand culture of the company will be essential to effect this change. ​This round table brings together four digital players engaged in issues of diversity and inclusion: Dipty ,developer and president of the E-mma association, Ilham Guggenheim, VP Innovation & Change Management at Change Factory, Guy Mamou Mani, president from the Open group and co-founder of the association Jamais Sans Elles, Olivier Méril, President of MV Group. With 33% of women in tech, support functions included, companies can hardly open up to digital thinking without their presence.

the 5 strategic challenges for companies for 2020

You can’t imagine tech without women. Companies must get involved in making a place for women in tech, ”explains. Because their presence constitutes a ” wealth for companies», As Olivier Méril emphasizes. For Guy Mani, this is obvious and necessary. ” Women must move and take the places that are open to them, ” he says. If artificial intelligence is a very trendy subject at the moment, ” it is essential that women discover these professions so as not to suffer the environment imposed on them, by being an actress to help create the world of tomorrow “, adds . For Ilham Guggenheim, inclusion must be part of the culture of the company and of society so that the lines move. The notion of role models is very important to create vocations among the youngest.

Flavien Chantrel, HelloWork editorial manager – BDM editor, gives the floor to 3 engagement specialists on social networks: AgoraPulse, Botnation and So-Buzz. These three services offer solutions adapted to brands that are launching on social networks as well as to already established companies that want to improve their engagement. For example, the City of Nantes uses AgoraPulse to manage all of its presences and obtain direct feedback from its citizens, with very convincing results. In Rennes, the STAR (transport service) allows users to quickly obtain answers via Messenger thanks to the chatbot based on Botnation solutions. On another sector, Pika Edition (Hachette) offers contests on social networks to generate engagement and raise awareness of its brand. The result: the number of Instagram followers has more than doubled in just 8 months.

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