How many visitors do you manage to attract to your site each month? Are you using brand content to its full potential? Having a website Iraq Email List is good, but having traffic is better! All inbound marketing strategies – which consist in naturally bringing prospects to you through content – initially share the same issue: attracting qualified visitors to your site . This is a decisive step because it forms the foundation of your conversion funnel: attract, engage, convert. To achieve this, you need to deploy but also effectively promote attractive, useful, enriching, fun, practical or even entertaining content! Read some tips and examples to meet this challenge. The 6 most effective content to generate traffic 1 – Set up an editorial space on your site The blog is an excellent source of traffic for your website:

each article effectively gives your prospects a reason to visit which also improves your SEO. ISM Blog 2 – Publish articles on LinkedIn LinkedIn provides you with an editing space on its platform to better promote your expertise. Take this opportunity to promote your know-how and redirect Internet users to your website. Pulse article by Marion Breuleux, Innovation Director Everyone loves to learn! Host short and informative web conferences on topics that interest your audience. Then invite her to visit your website to learn more or to find the presentation. Do not hesitate to distribute and promote the replay on all your platforms: emailing, social networks, site. Discover all ISM webinars 4 – do guest blogging Share your expertise on external blogs.

What types of content to develop according to its objectives?

You will thus be able to reach a new audience while creating inbound links (backlinks) to your site. You can also invite experts from your industry to contribute to your blog . This practice is a great way to get great content and attract visitors. 5 – Write a white paper or a practical guide Premium content par excellence, white papers are very popular with Internet users. To promote it and effectively enhance one of your white papers, create an attractive landing page by including the best excerpts, a nice cover and a short download form. ISM White Papers 6 – Use your newsletters Have you published any interesting articles recently? Put them in the spotlight in your newsletter! Have you just uploaded a white paper? Insert a button to the download page….


Each emailing is the opportunity to promote your site and your content. How to properly promote your content? Promoting your content is a crucial step in your inbound marketing strategy . Do not neglect any opportunity to promote your expertise and your added value, do the maximum by increasing the number of promotional channels. Any opportunity is good to seize! Social networks Do not hesitate to relay your content regularly (and not just once) via your social networks through attractive publications. It’s not about posting a simple link to your articles, white papers, and other webinars, but creating curiosity by designing your posts as teasers. For example, choose the best excerpts from your editorial content and turn them into small infographics to distribute on your networks.

How to properly promote your content?

A selection of 5 TedX to listen to, with a summary of each To not miss any marketing news, subscribe quickly to the ISM Instagram account The advertisement If your social posts aren’t enough, consider advertising tools like social ads to increase your reach – that is, your ability to reach large numbers of people. Boosts (paid features on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram to expose your publications to more people) for example, are good levers to give more visibility to your content with a moderate budget. You can get started from one euro per day! LinkedIn Sponsored Ad Example Cross-promotion Each of your communication channels must be considered as a lever for promoting your content and your website. Use them all!

Add, for example, to your email signature a link to your last white paper . Do not hesitate to recommend to the readers of your blog similar articles… etc. What types of content to develop according to its objectives?When it comes to content, you are spoiled for choice. Take into account your resources, your positioning, your target and your objectives. The content experts (interview, sector analysis …) will help shape your image and your leadership. The entertainment content (contests, web series …) are excellent levers of engagement and virality. The practical content (white papers, podcasts, webinars …) you will in turn better convert your visitors … Discover all ISM training courses in Social Media & Brand Communication

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