The Internet is increasingly popular for Father’s Day shopping. Based on internal Google data and a poll LSA , we performed an infographic to show how important it is to be on the Internet and to sell your products. Although Father’s Day takes place in ten days, it is not yet too late to promote your offer on the Internet. On the contrary, this is the best time to do business Father’s Day Marketing Opportunities Father’s Day: a celebration still celebrated 57.9% of French people plan to celebrate Father’s Day. 43.8% will give a gift to their father. Less publicized and a little less celebrated than Mother’s Day, Father’s Day is nonetheless an essential event, especially for traders. Buying a gift If shopping centers have long been a privileged place for shopping for gifts, increasingly pursued by the Internet, the situation is tending to reverse slowly but surely.

Shopping centers and the Internet are now tied, each with 41% of the intention to buy shares for these two sales channels. Proof of this is that the Internet has become an indispensable tool for promoting your products and achieving your business goals. Father’s Day remains a widely celebrated holiday and the gift budget remains relatively stable. The French Hungary Phone Number List an average of 48 € for the Father’s Day gift . The most wanted gifts on Google Thanks to the data provided by Google, we know which are the most sought-after gifts on the search engine. What kind of gifts are most searched on Google for Father’s Day? Source: Google Concerning Father’s Day, beauty products are at the top of Google’s queries, followed by confectionery and alcohol, high-tech products, gifts related to DIY and finally, far behind, cultural goods. When are Father’s Day gift ideas in demand?

The Most Wanted Gifts On Google

According to Google queries, the French go late to look for gift ideas for Father’s Day. It is only a few days before increases are observed, then on D-day that a peak is recorded. It should be noted that the requests associated with this event are more and more numerous since they increased by 248% between 2015 and 2016. The Internet is indeed synonymous with marketing and commercial opportunities. Mobile: the big winner of Father’s Day Father’s Day is no exception to the mobile trend either. The search for gift ideas and the purchase are done more and more by means of the mobile. This is how mobile queries gained 10 points compared to 2015, while those on tablet and pc lost 10. It is therefore essential to adapt your offer to the smartphone, especially if you sell products from beauty or high tech products.


Everything is played during this period and until D-Day. Bet on paid referencing to reach your target at the right time. Take mobile into account on your website and in your advertising campaigns. Use Google and social networks to increase your visibility a few days before Father’s Day. Use local and Web-to-Store strategies to attract Internet users to your store if you have a physical point of sale. The opportunities are there, it’s up to you to seize them, and it’s up to us to help you achieve them! The free version nevertheless offers an interesting choice of reports available without point. To target future students, the ideal would be to broadcast your ads on guidance sites such as ONISEP. If the visual of the ad and the targeting are successful, then you have a great tool to build your notoriety, generate interest and generate visits to your site .

The Most Wanted Gifts On Google

52% of requests for beauty products are made via a mobile phone. Requests for high-tech products on smartphones increased by 65% ​​between 2015 and 2016. On the eve of Father’s Day, we must redouble our efforts to seize the opportunities presented by this event. The digital universe is large and constantly evolving. There are other tools you can use to promote your school. For example, you could consider advertising on mobile applications using Google’s platform . But that, I will tell you about it very soon in a new post. Facebook continues to improve its advertising offer by developing increasingly creative and attractive formats. Recently, Facebook had launched a new advertising format reserved for mobile: Facebook Collection . As a reminder, this format allows you to promote your products with a featured video or photo as well as a carousel of 4 images that you can click.

Thanks to an imposing visual (photo or video) and a carousel of different images, we increase the visibility of our products and encourage clicks. These features are now improved to create even more interactivity. The very immersive Canvas format will thus be integrated into the Facebook Collections. Instead of the main video or image and the image carousel, it is now possible to insert a Canvas, as you can see in the example below. The Canvas are renewed with 3 new templates Canvas are formats that guarantee an interactive and immersive user experience on mobile. This format is not reserved only for advertisers since it is possible to create a Canvas for free for your Facebook Page and use it organically. This good news announced a year ago is accompanied today by another good news, but for advertisers this time. Facebook simplifies the creation of Canvas.


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