The requirements of the luxury sector are associated with certain rules that it is essential to observe if we want to be efficient and innovative on the internet, and offer our customers a unique experience, like a visit to a luxury boutique. Meet a certain level of requirement The e-commerce site of a luxury brand must imperatively correspond to the same high standards as those of its point of sale. The website is a showcase, and must therefore meet the expectations of its visitors. It must be visually appealing, respond to user requests as effectively as possible, and provide all the necessary information about each product. The delivery, as well as the after-sales service, must be irreproachable, like the purchase of a product in store: chic packaging, express delivery, after-sales follow-up, prompt and personal assistance Adapt your communication to the web.

Being at the forefront of innovation While luxury brands are renowned for creating trends, it is essential that they be avant-garde, also on the web! Thanks to various tools that are developing in digital, such as the broadcasting of fashion shows live on social networks, personalized fittings in augmented reality, or even 3D site development, for an optimal perception of products! Whatever your sector or the audience you wish to address, innovation and development on the Luxembourg Phone Number List is a necessary step for growth. Social networks, tools, all the keys are in the hands of the most innovative to take precedence over the competition. It is the human dimension that takes precedence, which was not the case for a long time with intensive agriculture. Connected agriculture Instagram Instagram In addition, social networks allow you to highlight all your work in the most beautiful way possible.

Meet A Certain Level Of Requirement

Create an e-ritual While it is difficult for brands to truly translate, there are the right marketing tools and techniques to deliver engaging customer experiences: the storytelling , allows for live products and the history of the brand, more than e-shopping, feel-shopping : the 360 ​​° experience and the 3D visualization make it possible to better understand the contours of the products, for an experience “as in store” offer personalized and immersive services : like a real digital concierge, it is possible, via certain sites, to have certain parts sent for testing before proceeding with the purchase. Offer exclusive web services All the luxury sectors can afford to offer exclusive online services, from the personalization of offers, to loyalty advantages, to promotions reserved for the web, to the sale of tailor-made products. What better way than Instagram to communicate through images.


The digitalization of luxury brands is much more complex, as it implies a translation of their prestigious image through the web. The way of communicating is an integral part of the image perceived by visitors to brands: their site must not only reflect their image, but also reflect their positioning . If the brand wants to be ultra-elitist, then the operation will be different than a brand which seeks to reach a less restricted market. While one will display its prices and its distribution methods, the other will perhaps operate in a more “confidential” and “on-demand” manner: the visitor contacts the brand to order his product, or even to have it done. , and the distribution methods are then totally different. Thanks to this social network, you can easily enhance your products. Connected agriculture Instagram Instagram Social networks increase your notoriety and legitimize the quality of your work.

Adapt Your Communication To The Web

Connected agriculture Pierre winegrower Pierre , by © France Info Pierre winemaker, has a Facebook page which he uses to sell half of his wine to individuals who come to his property thanks to the notoriety of his page. It testifies : “It brings us back customers, because people who come to the area are looking on the Internet, and Google offers them my Facebook page. They see the life of the farm, they see my little face in the middle of the vines, my cellar, and they say to themselves ‘oh well, he looks nice, the grandfather’ and then they call, come and have a good time and leave with bottles. ” It just goes to show that social networks not only allow you to sell your products online through your e-commerce site, but they also promote direct sales to the farm.

I am convinced that you have been able to seize the full potential of social networks in the context of connected agriculture. However, I am well aware that this takes time that you may not have to spend. You can then consider delegating the management of your Facebook page to professionals . If you want to test this new format, do not hesitate to contact us, we are experts in paid referencing ! By going to the site, for example, I came across advertisements from Montpellier Business School in which their accreditations were highlighted. If they are present on Facebook, they tend to abandon the social network in favor of Snapchat and Instagram which they deem “cooler”. They will post more on them rather than on Facebook. Generation Z social media use For them, social networks rhyme with playful , instantaneous and ephemeral . On which social networks to communicate?





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