Many clients have already developed local strategies thanks to our support, and have been able to develop their notoriety despite the competition! EDIT of 05/15/2017 Since 2008, the agency has published a study on local SEO positioning factors every year . As our infographic indicates, it is mainly the information provided on Google My Business, signals and On-Page links that influence the positioning of sites in the Google Local Pack. Google’s local pack is the site dedicated to local results that appears at the top of the results page when you type a local query (eg restaurant Rouen). Usually this is a local Google Maps map and a list of 3 places related to the query. Regarding the criteria determining the natural result, we still find the On-Page links and signals. In addition to these two factors, user behavior, i.e. CTRs, mobile clicks-to-calls, check-ins, etc.

All these actions around the loyalty of existing customers, help to conquer new ones: through innovative and engaging digital campaigns, which are relayed on social media by already won customers, thus amplifying the notoriety of the brand. Improve the customer experience by giving users the freedom to choose their communication channel Disneyland’s marketing strategy, like many others, has gone through the digital transition , and most of its Sri Lanka Phone Number List logic is now part of a digital journey . or how to facilitate the journey of each user agnosticism The brand claims to be a “channel agnostic”, an English term which refers to an omnichannel logic . In this sense, clients have complete freedom to choose between an online approach, or a more traditional route – agencies, call centers. The aim of this process is to leave the user free to interact with the brand on the channel of their choice.

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They can be used to provide timely information, justifying the knowledge of its customers, especially when using the park application. To go further, we could imagine sending a notification when the user’s favorite character approaches, or the possibility of locating him in the park. The brand, thus seeking to engage its customers more and more, offers rewarding loyalty programs, to the point of offering its best customers exclusive advantages, depending on their history. By not promoting any particular means of communication, Disneyland makes sure to adapt to each type of customer , and offers no restrictions on the information or reservation process for its future customers. Thus, it is the visitor himself who will choose according to his preferences how to find information, buy tickets or even interact with an advisor. In this way, whatever their device, the customer is sure to meet all their expectations.


Disney saw much higher satisfaction rates and return promises than visitors who haven’t used the app. app Improve the customer experience through a personalized journey In this application, the user can find in real time all the information he needs during his visit to the park, thanks to geolocated and contextualized data. Thus, all the little hassles that can be associated with a visit to an amusement park – especially when accompanied by children – disappear: the application indicates to visitors the waiting times for each attraction, the nearby shows, shops, or restaurants . Engage customers through connected accessibility The use of an application also allows the use of data in real time in order for example to anticipate the needs of the customers and to distribute the personnel in order to manage the large crowds in the restaurants, or on a particular show, to offer services. personalized in hotels.

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A simple contact Contact information is surely what Internet users will look for first, so it is more than recommended to clearly display your name, address, and phone number on your site! The Google My Business sheets are precisely provided for this purpose, and to facilitate Google’s work and provide clear information that will help your SEO, consider filling out one of these sheets. Thus, Internet users will quickly find your information – even on Google Maps -, just like the search engine which will make the link directly during a request. Allow internet users to leave reviews A My Business file also allows Internet users to rate and leave opinions on your establishment. Do not hesitate to encourage this approach, because the positive opinions weigh in the balance of the algorithm, delegating you a certain notoriety and reassuring Google about the quality of your services.

A few months after launching the app. Offering one-off, non-monetized services simply through an app, without the user even realizing it, is an effective way to engage customers . The local SEO or SEO geolocated, affects more or less all actors of all sizes who want to stand out in a competitive trading area . Whether you have a hotel or a ready-to-wear boutique, local SEO is a growth driver that must be taken into account. Being well referenced locally means being able to provide Internet users with relevant information on businesses near their home, or in the area of ​​their research. And while consumers carry out more and more local searches, it is the best referenced sites that appear first. Hence the need to refine your referencing if we want to have a chance to face the competition !

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