Social networks tend to become very recognized tools in the real estate sector, and even if progress remains to be made, in particular towards the development of features such as live or 360 ° video, many players are already showing great promise. and have already taken a step ahead by storming Instagram or Snapchat. Especially since the profile of buyers is changing , and moving towards a more connected and digital version. In addition, we note that the use of social networks to promote their properties and their agency through sponsored ads is not widespread! However, thanks to the targeting and creation methods available today on social networks, results are rarely expected. Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to get started on social networks: whether it is from the Community Management, sponsorship, or animation in general, we are experts !

A majority of professionals seem to favor the publication of texts and images, while the publication of videos seems for the moment less widespread (33%). On the other hand, for the third party, they use social networks as a direct messaging service, and finally a minority say they use sponsorship on social networks. And while the image is asserting itself as a Vietnam Phone Number List stake in real estate communication, the noticeable appearance of new formats such as live or 360 ° video in the sector demonstrates an even more radical digital transformation of the real estate professions. What about social selling? In the commercial sequence, 77% of respondents believe that the most favorable and relevant time to use social networks is before the transaction. Thus, this vector can be useful to influence, and play on the notoriety and visibility of goods.

What Types Of Content Are Published?

Twitter is mainly used in B2B, and still absent from the ranking, we note that Instagram is gaining ground, establishing itself as a very visual and useful means of communication for the development of goods! Social networks and real estate: but for what use? Real estate professionals primarily use social networks to develop their network, as well as to inform (and learn about) the sector. The sharing of expertise is also important and represents 41% of the sample, and finally, the search for clients / partners is also gaining ground with 26% (+7 points compared to 2016). What types of content are published? However, half of them agree that the counterpart and the downstream of a prospecting are just as conducive to the use of social networks, to carry out follow-up and recovery work, but also to maintain the relationship with the customer and offer a practical and fast after-sales service.


One in two French people is already present on Facebook, and overall visual content generates a lot of engagement. However, the sale of a property goes above all through the visual! Got the equation? The most exploited social networks for the moment According to the survey results, LinkedIn is at the top of the ranking of the most used social networks in the real estate professional sector. Then we find Facebook, which is gaining one place compared to 2016. Twitter and are progressing in the same way, but it is the professional network which is losing ground with 23% for 2017. What information can be drawn from these results? Well, there is no doubt that professional networks and networking take precedence for the moment in the sector, while other functionalities are progressing with Facebook – a lever of proximity, local and both also with customers.

The Most Exploited Social Networks For The Moment

However, it has been common for several months for platforms to borrow functionality from another. Thus, we now find “stories” on Facebook or Instagram, just as Snapchat has recently equipped itself with a search bar, like. Social networks thus offer a more global and less targeted dimension of their functionalities. While we depicted in a previous article the real estate and connectivity trends for the coming year, we are more interested here in the social media aspect of real estate trends. According to a study conducted by Pierre & Conseil (the #Digimmo Barometer ), we looked through an infographic on the use of social networks by real estate professionals in 2017. In general, social networks are considered to be good vectors of communication and growth. Due to their many features, they are particularly advised in a use relating to real estate.

TV platform in early 2017. The live stream shaped our Facebook in 2016, from viral video to live debates, the trend is only growing in 2017: live video is arguably a culture to be adopted by companies this year. It is possible on Facebook lives to comment and react live. Indeed, users appreciate the live video experience, because of the proximity and their direct connection with the speaker or the event. In addition, it gives a more authentic dimension to the brands, which during a live can only show themselves naturally, without retouching. And authenticity is an aspect undeniably coveted by Internet users. The (trans) mutation of platforms A few years ago, it was easy to define the different social networks according to their main purpose: to connect with friends via Facebook, to share photos on Instagram, or to use Twitter as a micro-blogging platform.

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