What you must remember Admittedly, the finalization of the purchase is always done mainly in concession, but the actors of the automotive sector must meet the expectations of buyers during their research phases. You have to provide them with technical information, be clear about the prices charged, communicate on promotional offers, etc. Your website should be as comprehensive as possible. Another important point, it must be responsive design. Mobile is an integral part of the car buying journey, so your site must be adapted. But above all, you must already be present and active on the Internet. The dealers are still too few present. Conversion opportunities are huge in this industry, so don’t let them go. Contact our experts to establish a digital strategy. Whatever your objective (creating web traffic, making yourself known, selling, etc.), we have tailor-made solutions ( SEO strategy , AdWords advertising , Social Media strategy , etc.).

Before researching official prices or resale prices, new vehicle buyers are first interested in discounts and promotions. Car buying journey: finding the best deal Finding information on the point of sale After researching the vehicles, the journey continues online to find information relating to points of sale. Before going to a dealership, buyers find out about the actual price of the vehicle, photos of the vehicle and availability, as well as practical information Romania Phone Number List the dealership (address, opening hours, notice). In addition, to locate or call a dealer, the mobile is often preferred. A fragmented purchasing journey In the end, the car purchase journey lasts on average 72 days between the first information and the purchase of the vehicle, the buyer juggling the various points of contact to refine his choice. They readily switch from search engine to video platforms, not to mention manufacturers’ sites.

A First Phase Of Online Information Research

After the first selection, the choice is refined: Depending on the price Once the first selection has been made, buyers will first refine their choice according to one main criterion: the price. It is indeed the most sought after criterion on search engines. Buyers associate more specific queries such as warranty, value for money, purchase options and cost of maintenance with this criterion. Depending on the characteristics and options Then, the initial selection will be refined according to the needs and expectations of each buyer. If the buyer has a large family, for example, he will prefer a spacious model. The space available in the car is also in second position for information sought online. Car buying journey: finding the characteristics Search for the best deal! When the selection is reduced, generally to two cars, car buyers will begin a research phase to find interesting offers.


What does the typical buying journey of a future car buyer look like from the moment he intends to buy a vehicle and the moment of purchase? Infographic – The 7 stages of the car buying journey A first phase of online information research While nearly 9 out of 10 vehicle buyers have at least some idea of ​​what make or model to buy, this choice is not necessarily final. Likewise, some buyers have no clear idea of ​​the vehicle they would like. This is the case for 64% of those questioned. So it is online that future buyers begin their car buying journey in order to find information. 87% of new vehicle buyers look for information on search engines first. For 68% of buyers, it is primarily online videos that inform and influence them. Automobile purchasing journey: sources of information.

Finding Information On The Point Of Sale

First of all, you have to know how to distinguish pages from Facebook groups. Facebook page : Unlike the Facebook profile used for people, the page is the place dedicated to companies and organizations. It is a bit of a virtual showcase for your business where people who are interested in your brand meet, namely your community. You can present your company, your offer and communicate with your community. Creating a business page on Facebook means ensuring a presence and visibility on the Internet. Facebook group : Facebook groups bring together a community around the same area of ​​interest. The automotive sector is not immune to digitalization. With the rise of the Internet and the mobile phone, the car buying journey is completely upset. The finding is clear: future car buyers are less and less concessionaire and the points of contact relating to this sector are multiplying on the Internet.

The importance of the editorial calendar Maintaining an editorial calendar defined in advance has some undeniable advantages in terms of organization and planning, of course, but not only! Just as this category is useful for distributing the themes fairly among the subjects addressed. The text or title to appear on the publication, as well as the associated visual type. Barely 26 years old, Evan Spiegel, young prodigy founder of Snapchat has decided to breathe new life into his application. This means that you will be able to unite a smaller community, but much more qualified, around your brand. With the current configuration of Facebook’s algorithm and the saturation of news feeds, this integration of Facebook groups into your page offers you a very powerful communication tool. Because beyond this future functionality, it is the potential of Facebook groups that is highlighted.

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