For a long time, the commercial function appeared to be immutable. Until digitization came to shake up processes, methods and Myanmar Email List deadlines in particular. Faced with such changes and faced with the increasing complexity of purchasing cycles, sales forces are adapting and new priorities emerge. In order to facilitate prospecting, generate business contacts, and build your business plan, several tools can be used. We have therefore thought of you by preparing this infographic with real useful tools, easy to learn and which will revolutionize your daily life. Discover all the ISM sales training coursesThe interest of the application of data and data science to marketing is well established. The multitude of use cases and feedback are also very well answered.

Despite these two observations, many companies remain skeptical of analytical marketing and its methods or hesitate to embark on large-scale applications. This situation is fueled by the lack of visibility on the profitability of an analytical marketing campaign and the concrete evaluation of a controlled ROI. Shaping and designing an experiment is a relevant tool for securing and sustaining a data marketing project. Digital marketing, analytical marketing: data science and marketing (description, prediction and prescription) Concrete use cases of data science applied to marketing “Design of Experiment”: method, benefits and applications ROIaaS (Return of Investment as a Service): from the technical feasibility of data marketing to commercial feasibility.

Design Thinking: think like designers to create value

The advantages of breakfast : A moment of constructive exchange and interaction (presentation in discussion mode) A mix of theory and concrete applications Dice croissants and chocolate breads at will :–) Speaker details : Hamza Berrehrah, PhD. Doctor and researcher in theoretical physics applied to very high energy nuclear physics (8 years) Data Science Consultant in different fields (Marketing, Retail, Energy, Automotive, …) (4 years) CEO and founder of DataGrowb ‘(Algorithms at the service of humans) Design Thinking is widely known today among marketing teams as an innovation process. Agility, cooperation, customer priority, prototyping, experience … so many terms “in vogue”, the scope of which remains to be clarified.


Objectives of this webinar: Understand the Design Thinking methodology and its cultural levers, Create value and increase the performance of your teams and your businesses thanks to design thinking, Transform your working methods and your interpersonal relationships to bring meaning, satisfaction and performance to your business. The advantages of the webinar: The key factors for the success of Design Dorota Walczak: independent consultant, expert in Design Thinking and collaborative practices. It supports organizations in the design and management of their innovation and transformation process. She works with companies to promote collaborative innovation and team engagement. She trains leaders and their teams in Design Thinking and collaborative dynamics. Director of the “Innovation and Design Thinking” Certification Course at ISM / Abilways.

You have held the position of Commercial & Omnichannel Director for 2 years.

Age40 years old and a graduate of a DUT GEA (Sceaux), Quentin has built his career at Club Med. Beginning in 2000 with positions in CRM, he then moved internationally to take on country management responsibilities for 10 years. In 2015, he became Marketing Director FBS (France, Benelux, Switzerland) in Paris. In this mission, he greatly contributed to the transformation of our marketing approaches, increasing their effectiveness in the digital field in particular. Together with his teams, he played an important role in the return to growth of Club Med on the French market and the recruitment of new customers. Since 2017, he has been Commercial & Omnichannel France Director and is notably in charge of commercial strategy, distribution networks, e-commerce, transport and Mice activities (“Meeting &

You have held the position of Commercial & Omnichannel Director for 2 years. Your title marks the combination of commercial and marketing issues . Is this the meaning you give it? The analysis of our purchasing journeys has enabled us to confirm that the purchase of Club Med vacations is a binding purchase. In fact, we observed that a period of 133 days passes between inspiration and the act of purchase, with 9 omnichannel contacts, and that 86% of winning purchasing journeys go through human contact. We have therefore decided to manage all of these contact points within a single sales & omnichannel team. The objective is thus to perfect the customer journey and to offer a seamless customer and commercial experience. Bringing together sales advisers, e-commerce and data experts within a single team brings us collective intelligence and better responsiveness on a daily basis.


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