The advantage of social networks lies in the data they generate: Big Social Data . These data allow you, thanks to effective tools, to precisely target the segment of customers and prospects that you are targeting. Facebook, which has the most users, is perhaps the most relevant social network for targeting your customers. But it all depends on who you want to reach, of course. If they are professionals as part of a strategy, then LinkedIn will be preferred. To activate new conversion levers Social networks can only bring you business opportunities. Some of their tools are even free, so why go without? Because it’s not that complicated as it sounds In addition, these tools are developed to suit both advertisers and small e-merchants. Overall, a Social Media strategy is easy to set up. But of course, we can support you in this strategy.

Soon social networks will be real commercial platforms where you can sell your products. These social networks that are becoming e-commerce platforms Pinterest was the first to launch into e-commerce in 2015 by launching a button to buy (Buyable Pins) in the United States. This function should soon arrive in France. Likewise, the “Lens” and “Shop the Look” functions will also be deployed immediately. The first is a kind of Shazam of the object, the second allows Tunisia Phone Number List identify and buy all the products present in a photo. Instagram also plans to roll out two new features this year conducive to Social Commerce: online booking of services and purchasing of products . Why get into Social Commerce? To precisely reach your target audience Our Social Media experts will be able to support you, advise you and above all set up a social media strategy in line with your objectives.

Why Get Into Social Commerce?

The formats, advertising or not, to highlight your offer are increasingly creative and attractive. On Facebook, for example, you have the choice between the carousel, the slideshow, the and even soon the Facebook Collection mobile ad format . Pinterest and Instagram also do wonders for presenting your products in the best light. But it is ultimately Facebook which for the moment influences the most users to make the act of purchase. Innovative tools to stimulate Social Commerce If users decide to buy products or services via social networks, it is because the ground is favorable for this. Social networks are developing and integrating new tools to encourage users to make purchases directly from the social network. A boon for the professionals that you are! Sponsored ads, precise targeting options, call-to-action buttons,… are just a few examples among many. But marketing and advertising tools are just the beginning of Social Commerce.


A place is reserved for him in his favorite restaurant and at no time does he need to take out any means of payment. Will this futuristic vision of the theme park reach France? Seeing the progress the group has made in terms of improved customer experience and connectivity, we can afford to believe it. E-commerce continues to grow in the consumption habits of the French. But at a time when social networks are taking more and more place in their daily lives, would the future of e-commerce not lie in Social Commerce? Because yes, social networks are conducive to e-commerce. Their development is going in this direction anyway. So what are you waiting for to get started? Why are social networks conducive to e-commerce? A showcase that influences users Social networks offer you a certain visibility on the Internet, with a large audience.

Why Are Social Networks Conducive To E-commerce?

Promote customer loyalty through a privileged experience Although the programs grant different privileges according to their members, Disneyland works to ensure that each visitor, regardless of the frequency of his visits , feels privileged in his own way , trying to capture the expectations and desires of each. By exploiting the data of its customers to segment them and optimize the effectiveness of its campaigns, the brand establishes a relationship of trust with them, by offering them services and privileges that are addressed to their emotional , rather than simple reductions. tariffs like many other loyalty programs. And after ? Disneyland Paris tries every year to perfect its tools and loyalty programs, in order to be able to offer an increasingly optimal experience to each of its visitors. With the recent improvement of the application, we have direct access to the waiting times of the attractions.

Shops The most comprehensive passport offers unlimited access to the park throughout the year, and exclusive advantages (additional discounts in shops, restaurants, hotels, golf, invitations to special events, etc.). The passport no longer rewards customer loyalty through simple transactions, but through privileges that make them feel favored by the brand . Hotel guests, for example, enjoy access to the park outside of public opening hours. Perhaps we could go so far as to offer a personalized and adapted route to get to your favorite attractions as quickly as possible, while crossing paths with your favorite characters and ending up at the favorite restaurant? conclusion We could even push the brand’s immersion and privileged relationship with its customer, by offering connected objects, like the American Disneyland: the visitor is fully connected thanks to a bracelet. He is guided according to his wishes, while avoiding queuing.

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