Instagram: micro-influencer marketing L’Oréal and other brands have not hesitated to contact niche influencers because their engagement rate is excellent. In fact, in 2017: A micro-influencer <1,000 subscribers = 8% engagement An influencer> 10 million subscribers = 1.6% engagement 2- Be transparent about your partnerships Because influencers have a very important role in marketing strategy, Instagram developed a feature in 2017 to make the commercial partnership with brands transparent. If some influencers were already playing the game by mentioning it in their post, with a #adfor example, others do not. Instagram then developed tools dedicated to branded content such as publications with product placement, sponsored trips, contests, etc. Now influencers can mention business partnerships. The mention “Paid partnership with…” then appears on their publications and Stories. Instagrammer for example, uses this tool, in addition to mentions of partnership in the content of her publication.

Instagram: the results The 2017 figures for Instagram users 2017 figures: Instagram users
The 2017 figures for companies on Instagram 2017 figures: Instagram and brands These figures correspond to international statistics . 2018: Instagram under the seal of growth Instagram’s profits are 100% from advertising revenue. The figures below remind us that in 2017 this social network sits prominently with $ 5.4 billion. It is a fertile Australia Mobile Number Database for its development for the year of growth predicted for 2018. Instagram turnover Source: Le Petit Digital 10 Instagram trends for 2018 We have listed the trends that seem to us to be predominant for the coming year. Depending on your needs, we have classified them into three main categories: from 1 to 3: to boost sales from 4 to 8: to strengthen the user experience from 9 to 10: to improve the analysis For micro-influencers

Instagram: the results

In the world of fashion or beauty, the followers of these micro-influencers can be a real relay for your digital communication. Here is an example for a partnership with the Daniel Wellington brand. Instagram and the transparency of business partnerships This transparency makes it possible to be more credible, but also to respect French law. Article 20 of Law No. 2004-575 of June 21, 2004 on confidence in the digital economy thus requires that “any advertising, in any form whatsoever, accessible by an online communication service to the public, must be able to be clearly identified as such. It must make the natural or legal person on whose behalf it is carried out clearly identifiable ”. If the tool developed by Instagram is not yet fully deployed for all professional accounts, you must nevertheless mention any partnership in your publications.


In 2018, take a look at Instagram. Reinforced by its 2017 report, it is the social network of the year to come! We have selected the 10 major trends not to be missed . The strategic stake for brands to get closer to micro-influencers becomes capital in 2018. This standard must therefore be integrated into your new 2018 marketing strategies . 3 – Watch the “tap to view product” button In our article on the Millennials’ buying journey , we talked about testing a brand new button dedicated to shopping . Thanks to this Instagram feature, the user can see the price displayed and even access the product sheet. When we know that 68% of the opinions of young people are made through social networks upstream of the act of purchase , there is no doubt that we must be on the lookout for the deployment of this button in France.

10 Instagram trends for 2018

What characterizes this social network is its aesthetic dimension , originally thanks to the filters and the so specific square frame. It is very important to take care of your image, which is moreover on Instagram. Tools have been developed to allow you to work with all of your publications under the same color palette or with a style that allows the play of cutouts. Users are proving more and more attentive to creativity within the framework, or even to the “off-screen” game as some accounts do. Here, influencer @natachabirds opts for a lavender blue hue and the overlay of pansies (the flowers). Example of visual identity on Instagram 5- Make Stories In 2017, the number of Stories increased. Instagram, undoubtedly to cut the grass from under Snapchat’s foot, pushed in this direction with its users who quickly adopted this use.

6- Use the interactive hashtag It is now possible to subscribe to a hashtag and follow related posts in the news feed. This can turn out to be a real boon for retailers. Subscribe to hashtags on Instagram To give you ideas, we are sharing with you the most popular hashtags of 2017 in France. Popular hashtags on Instagram 7- augmented reality The use of augmented reality is not yet very successful, despite the promise to offer users an ever richer experience. In the competition that drives Snapchat and Instagram, 2018 promises to be full of twists and turns. In this showdown, Snapchat turned to augmented reality and inaugurated new filters. This social network updates its spectrum according to the events that punctuate the year (Christmas, Easter, Halloween, etc.). Facebook also specifies that augmented reality will be one of its priorities for 2018 .

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