Instagram has decided to update its terms of service. One of these changes relates to content sponsored by influencers. Updating Instagram’s terms of use Sponsored publicationsAlthough the conditions of use excluded publications promoting weapons, tobacco or even drugs, the company considered that these were not yet strict enough. In addition, companies or influencers who want to promote alcohol or even weight loss products will now need to have special permission.However, we do not yet have all the details since these changes will be active in the course of the year 2020. Instagram is currently optimizing its detection tools in order to sanction profiles that do not align with these changes. That influencers and companies rest assured, a tool allowing to hide content from certain users based in particular on their age will also be proposed.

Content creators: Instagram’s viral part While the company continues to define what its users can and cannot do on its platform, Instagram recognizes that content creators are one of the viral parts of the social network. It is thanks to them that the platform is so visible. She also said she wanted to help businesses and influencers grow. How? ‘Or’ What? We do not know yet.Is now a good time to get started on Instagram?This question comes up quite regularly and we believe that if your business can truly benefit from the visibility that Instagram can offer, it is not yet too late to start. This is because the reach of organic (free) posts is not yet as low as the reach of organic Facebook posts.However, Instagram is a very visual social network and is not suitable for all businesses. Do not hesitate to download our guide if you want to get started on Instagram!

Is Now A Good Time To Get Started On Instagram?

When it comes to SEO, there is a lot of debate about the best practices to follow. Indeed, although certain factors are known, the majority of them are not revealed by Google even if some of their employees answer the questions.This is why the term “it depends” is often used in our community to answer questions. One of those debates is, “Does uppercase in a URL affect your SEO?” “. We try to answer this question as well as possible in the following article. Does uppercase in a url affect your SEO? John Mueller advises choosing based on preferences Does uppercase in a url affect your SEO? While I think this is a simplification of the facts, you should also consider what Jennifer Slegg writes about it (in English or French below):


“In summary, Google doesn’t consider using all caps in a URL to be an SEO mistake, but you should use consistency when rewriting your URLs. Quite simply because Google considers URLs to be uppercase sensitive. This means that if you have an accessible and indexable page like: as well as another like, Google bots could detect both pages and the one you want. rank might not be what Google chooses to rank for.That being said, some people prefer to use all caps in their URL’s for aesthetic reasons. Even if a person were to type this URL into their search browser, most of these rewrite the URL in lowercase, not uppercase. The risk of duplicate content As we have read, the biggest risk is that of having duplicate content which remains the pet peeve of SEOs. Why? Because it is this type of content that penalizes you the most!

Content Creators: Instagram’s Viral Part

Having a few URL’s with elements in all caps shouldn’t penalize you, but if this case is generalized to your entire site, it could seriously hurt your SEO. Here is what you should do: Stick to one version Although lowercase is recommended , whether you choose lowercase or uppercase, do so for all URL’s. Create 301 redirects : If you see URLs that contain uppercase letters get indexed, create 301 redirects to a lowercase version to avoid a potential problem . The use of capitals has an influence on your SEO but not directlyAs explained above, the use of capital letters has an influence on your SEO. Just indirectly .

For example, do not change your URL’s to add capital letters, hoping to rank your pages better. Do not regularize all your URL’s hoping for a better instant ranking from them. This factor will indirectly help your site by especially avoiding duplicate content . This is why it is important to audit your URLs and make changes if necessary. Got uppercase URL’s and don’t know what to do to set this item up? Do not hesitate to contact us.

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