Even though your website is just a showcase site, it offers you Web-to-Store business opportunities that should not be overlooked. Google facilitates your visibility on its search engine, in particular with its “Google My Business” business listings. A novelty has recently been deployed: the possibility of creating a mini-site from Google My Business. The Web-to-Store: a dual interest for consumers and merchants 89% of buyers say they are interested in the Web-to-Store. As a reminder, this consists of doing research on the Internet before going to make a purchase in a physical point of sale. By research, we mean the fact of seeking information on the products and services offered by the company (prices and promotions, characteristics, reviews, Click & Collect, etc.), but also practical information on the company itself ( location, phone number, etc.). If your showcase site is regularly updated, these are possible sales in store.

According to the latest BVA survey for 55% of merchants have a website or want to create one. As for Facebook Pages, 53% of merchants have one or want to create one. French consumers are increasingly using the Internet in their purchasing journey, whether for information research or for the purchase itself. It is therefore very important to be visible on the Internet. This involves, for example, the creation of an establishment file on Google My Business. Google Colombia Phone Numbers List Business: a free tool to boost your visibility and local SEO Google My Business has evolved a lot since its launch in 2014. It has become an essential tool for any business, especially since it is very easy to use and free. If you fill in your information correctly, you make it easier for users to find information about your business, but also to find you more easily.

The Web-to-Store: a dual interest for consumers and merchants

If they’re looking for a specific business near them, your business will appear in local results on Google and Maps. Google My Business: visibility and local SEO Google My Business is now going further in its functionality. Since this year, traders have access to statistics on their establishment file (number of views, user actions, etc.). Google My Business: business listing statistics More recently, a whole new feature has emerged: the website. Google My Business: a free tool to easily create a website Since the reception of Google My Business, you can create a website very quickly, especially for free. Google My Business: a free tool to easily create a website In the main menu, just click on “Website” to go to the site builder. Google My Business: a free tool to easily create a website Then just follow Google’s instructions.


After clicking on “First steps”, the information available in your Google listing will be automatically generated on the website. Google My Business: a free tool to easily create a website Then you just have to modify the background if necessary and adjust the shape according to your preferences. For example, you can customize the template of your site, choose a specific background photo, or even further detail your activity and your offer. Google My Business: a free tool to easily create a website You can finally customize your domain name according to your establishment. And there you have it, your site is created. It will then be updated automatically when you modify the information in your Google listing. Whether you have a website or not, it might be a good idea to set up a website through Google My Business.

Google My Business: a free tool to boost your visibility and local SEO

E-health: which online services are most used by 2.0 patients? The commercial opportunities at this time go beyond the borders of the Internet, which is a real lever for in-store conversion. Retail and e-commerce can be completely complementary as part of a web-to-store strategy. On the principle of ROPO (Research Online, Purchase Offline), you can thus use in-store product ads (or Local Inventory Ads) on Google Shopping to indicate the immediate availability of a product in store. To target Internet users near your store, consider location extensions in your Google Ads ads or even reach ads on Facebook (with Local Awareness Ads for example). We have given you some keys to succeeding your end-of-year sales through emailing, Google Ads campaigns or social networks. But this is only a sample of possible actions. Talk to our experts to find out which digital strategy best suits your business.

If your website is not Responsive, that of Google My Business is. It should therefore be noted that the behavior of an Internet user is very revealing, as long as we know how to capture and analyze his data. The sociological approach must necessarily be added to the skills called upon within a good natural referencing agency, because the behavior of the Internet user becomes less and less influenced by SEOs.. But SEO develops other potentials, according to the formula: tell me what you are looking for, I will tell you who you are. Thus, the digital strategy becomes global and must adapt with agility to the human psyche. If we are not yet dizzy about how we are “recognized” via Big Data, we encourage you to watch this video shot during a Deep Learning conference in 2015 in San Francisco.

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