Concretely, we make sure that their website appears on search engines , or even, we distribute the right publicity to the right person at the right time . Is also a young, super cool company that has kept its start-up spirit. Let’s talk about the working atmosphere. Here, friendliness, team spirit and autonomy are the key words. It is also a young and dynamic atmosphere where familiarity and a smile are essential. Your missions: Within the editorial department, your mission will be to assist the Designer-Editor in her missions: Elaboration of the editorial calendar : you contribute to the editorial Web strategy by proposing ideas for engaging topics and scenarios. Sector watch : you identify trends, uses and news in the web marketing and web communication sectors Analysis of the information collected : you select the most relevant information according to the editorial line, the communication objectives and our target audience.

Our job ? Improve the visibility and notoriety of companies on the Internet. Content writing : you write content while respecting the editorial charter, good web writing practices, etc. Content integration : you edit and publish your content on our blog. Your profile : At Bac + 3 level, you ideally study communication and / or marketing Good web culture ( apart from GIFs and memes, you know Internet codes, 2.0 tools and techniques as well as hot topics ) Bolivia Phone Numbers List of industry practices ( If I say call-to-action, KPIs and retargeting, that sounds like something to you ) You don’t have experience? It does not matter, you are here to learn! Your qualities : Spirit of analysis and synthesis ( it is better to have clear ideas ) The language of Molière has no more secrets for you Creativity and sense of the formula

Web Writer / Web Communication Officer

To apply : You recognize yourself in this profile, so quickly send us your CV to this e-mail address: [email protected] There is no need to send a cover letter ( does it still exist ?! ), but rather give us five good reasons to choose you. Good to know : Pains au ( friends from the southwest, you are welcome! And croissants every Tuesday morning. Outings (restaurant, aperitif, bowling, etc.) are regularly organized. “Friday Wear” is a bit everyday. It is a very cool feature to promote an event or a store. There are plenty of other ways to communicate on Snapchat depending on your goals and your target’s preferences, hence the importance of carefully studying the issue beforehand. The tools offered by Snapchat are very creative and the Ad Manager advertising network, available since last June, will allow you to better manage your marketing campaigns on the social network.


Web Writer / Web Communication Officer Job :Internship of 3 to 6 months to be filled now The society :is a digital marketing agency since 2010 which is located in the de Seine near Rouen. Knowledge of WordPress is a plus, but not essential . The key is to keep one goal in mind: send the right message at the right time to the right person to have their full attention . According to their predictions, mobile transactions should increase in Western Europe from 52 billion to 148 billion euros by 2021. Among the 7 countries of Western Europe in the study, France would arrive even in 3 position in terms of the weight of mobile payment. Mobile payment: when e-commerce is invited on social networks New habits to adopt: the example of contactless payment The French are not too keen on having their habits changed.

Web Writer / Web Contact Officer

The massive use of smartphones and social networks could perhaps be a game-changer. Connect with your community Guide to best practices for a successful social media strategy Why interact with your community? Quite simply to create a bond with your subscribers. It’s a way to keep in touch with them, to get people talking about your brand and your products, but also to build loyalty. There are different ways to interact with them. Your posts are a trigger. You can call out to them in your message, encourage them to react by launching discussions, polls, etc. You answer their questions in the comments and messages they can leave you. There are different ways to initiate interaction. It’s up to you to find the ones that will make your community react. How can your social media strategy make a difference? What content will hit the mark?

Guide to best practices for a successful social media strategy Each social network has its specificities. You have to adapt to the uses of each of them: Twitter, its hashtags and 140 characters; LinkedIn for in-depth articles; Facebook for general content; Instagram, its hashtags and photos with filters. Your content will also differ depending on your industry. For example, if you do use inbound marketing to position yourself as an expert and attract customers through articles with added value that bring them a profit. Action reaction ! Guide to best practices for a successful social media strategy We are in an age where information is accessible anywhere, anytime. Trends are buzzing, viral, and disappearing as quickly as they appeared. You have to act quickly to take advantage of the enthusiasm around a trend. Your monitoring can allow you to identify future trends, so you can position yourself as a pioneer.

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