We adapt completely to them and their desires, and we do not intervene in any way on the theme and content of the article or the photo. We don’t impose anything, they set the program themselves. And that’s why it works very well. You know in the world of influencers, there is a very strong network and a lot of word of mouth. If an influencer keeps very good memories of his stay in Rouen, then he will talk about it around him, to his community on the one hand, but also to other influencers. What are your feedback on this subject? Are the results conclusive? The results are very positive so that the influencers themselves contact us to come to Rouen. They are either seduced by the destination or other influencers have recommended us. Some stores mentioned on influencer blogs have also had great impact. It is really encouraging!

We select them based on two criteria: their talent, according to their creativity and the quality of their content; their audience, in terms of quality and quantity (if it is engaged and if it corresponds to our target). We then reserve a totally personalized welcome for influencers, we take great care with them so that their stay takes place in the best possible conditions, and Portugal Phone Number List all so that they keep an excellent image of Rouen. For example, if they want to take a photo from the top of the Saint Abbey, we give them access. Our role is really to be there as a facilitator to access their requests and privatize certain places. What do you think is the key to success when starting out in influencer marketing? We make it a point of honor to leave the field open to all our influencers.

What Social Networks Are You Active On?

We started off with two observations about our destination: Internally: there is a lack of sense of belonging on the part of Rouen residents who favor other tourist destinations while Rouen and Normandy have a lot to offer. Externally: there is a lack of image in Rouen, and Normandy in general. If there is one, it is more of an aging image. Based on this observation, we started a strategy on social networks to re-enchant the image of Rouen. Our main strategy has therefore been on Instagram since 2013. It is initially based on a local network. By doing the day before (monitoring accounts, mentions and hashtags), we find beautiful photos of the city that we then put back. Then, we gradually launched an influencer marketing strategy using web influencers. They are remunerated on the basis of content creation or by covering hospitality costs. Can you tell us more?


What social networks are you active on? In addition to Facebook and Instagram, we are present on Twitter, which is mainly used for professional purposes . It is in particular a great point of contact with journalists. Facebook Social networks e-tourism Instagram Twitter Rouen Tourist Office Twitter In your opinion, are there any social networks that are more relevant than others when it comes to the tourism sector? What about the Tourist Office? If there is one social network to remember, it’s Instagram . The image communication is crucial in the tourism sector. That’s the whole point of Instagram, especially since travel and landscape photos are very popular on the social network. Rouen e-tourism Can you give us an example of a strategy that has been put in place on this channel? Today, we are doing a lot of work with web influencers, in this case bloggers.

As A Tourism Actor, How Do You Perceive The Challenges Of The Web And Social Networks In Your Sector?

Tourist Office, in particular older visitors who prefer to be informed or booked for tours directly at the reception. Likewise, since the city of Rouen does not have terminals in the city, foreign visitors are more likely to come here. The limits of digital serve us indirectly as a web-to-store strategy. The Tourist Office unfortunately suffers from a somewhat aging image, especially among young people. How do you intend to seduce them? Our active presence on social networks comes precisely from a desire to seduce young people. We target in particular young workers aged 25 to 35 . This is why we are mainly present on the social networks where they are mainly registered, namely Facebook and Instagram . But we are also considering targeting much younger visitors. On the other hand, we must first work upstream on offers and activities to offer them before starting a communication strategy.

Today, if we are looking for information, we can find it anytime, anywhere and from any device (pc, tablet, smartphone). But as a Tourist Office, you are above all a place of physical reception. How do you manage to attract visitors to the Office? Are you implementing web-to-store strategies? The digitization of the Tourist Office has also highlighted a new customer journey. We note that our visitors mainly use our website before and during their stay. But digital has its limits, nothing beats personalized advice at the reception of the Tourist Office. The site does not replace the physical reception, it is complementary. An example: even if the tourist maps of Rouen and its region are available on our site, visitors prefer to have the paper version available at reception. Finally, by necessity, visitors always have the instinct to go to the.

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